Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's hard to be green...

WaltDisneyWorld toparies

Our front lawn is looking very green right now.
My flower garden has lots of green leaves and shoots.
and I just bought a green and white skirt!
Today is a good day for GREEN!

vegetable garden bounty

What's wrong with this picture?

a green and yellow hand beaded bracelet,

This doll is from Liana's blog, see side bar.
Paper Doll Boutique:

some fun frog rock painting

poison dart frog....nobody loves me.....

Color me GREEN!!!

How to draw a GREEN frog....

see side bar for website. They have more GREEN frogs!

I bet she'd kiss me if I weren't GREEN....

At last, someone who can truly appreciate my GREEN-ness...

Liana's Green mermaid....

More Green-tastic outfits from Liana.

an Art Deco pattern with GREEN bugs

A beading pattern for little GREEN saguaro cacti.

a little green dress hair clip from starlight0831.etsy

Well, I'm off to watch
The Green Hornet


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