Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Easter Egg Fun

Today we will go into more ways to decorate those wonderful Easter eggs!

Don't have any kids? So? Decorate some eggs for you!  Then put some in a little basket and give it away to a neighbor, or an elderly relative.
This would be a BIG hit at a nursing home. Check with them first!
What about a local shelter for abused women? Many have children.
Better yet, take all the supplies to the shelter and dye the eggs with the kids!
A maternity shelter would also be perfect for this.

The following eggs have been dyed/hard boiled.
Then place a dab of glue on the egg and press a small felt flower into the glue.
Place a dot of glue in the center of each flower and press a pearl bead into it, or use a dot of pearly dimensional paint.
Some flowers already come with the pearly center!
Why not adapt this to materials you already have, such as silk flowers.
Use the small flower petals for your embellishments.
Or get out your die cut machine and make a few dozen small flowers.

Here is another idea:
These are the fanciest rubber band dyed eggs I have ever seen!

The process is simple.
You need many different cups of dye solution.
Hard boil your eggs.
Place egg in very lightest dye (let's say pale pink) for just a touch of color.
Dry. Wrap several rubber bands around the egg, but leave plenty of pale pink spaces in between.
Dye in medium color dye (such as hot pink, or magenta).
Dry. Remove rubberbands. Dry again.
Wrap several rubber bands around egg, but not where the magenta is. Again, leave some pale pink stripes.
Place in darker dye, like red or purple.
Dry. Remove rubberbands, and you should have a beautiful tri-colored egg!

Answers to some questions/comments:

Yes, you are right. I think instead of rubber bands, at least on the very ends of the hard boiled egg, thin painter's tape was used. Be sure to rub the edges down well after placing, so the dye doesn't get under it.
Wait 20 mins. after dying, and then remove the tape (at least that is what I have been told to do!)

As for colors, try doing some science/art experiments and really get those colors saturated. What if you added 2 dye tablets to 1 dipping cup?
Also, the longer you leave an egg in the dye, the darker it will get.
I have seen some different dying methods/colors in the last couple of years. Try looking around at some different stores and see if you can't come up with a few different methods to try!
Remember however.....ALWAYS ALWAYS dye the lightest colors FIRST!!!
- thanks for your comments and questions!
     inkspired   March, 2012

This egg kind of explains itself -
use GLITTER, and spangles.
Then more GLITTER!
Press in a few stick-on rhinestones.

Plain ones can be the prettiest of all sometimes:

Some Minnie Mouse polka-dot eggs:
Again, so simple!
Simply stick on office supply circle stickers. Press edges with your fingernails.
Dye with pink dye.
Dry, and remove stickers, leaving the original white egg color!

By Janet Herman, found on Pinterest 

Unknown, found on Pinterest

As a final project for today:
What do you do with all those egg cartons?
This crafter has come up with a pretty recycled egg carton wreath!

 Yep, those are cardboard type egg cartons!

 Have a color-filled day!


  1. What an awesome collection of ideas! I love them all...never thought of using stickers! There are so many ways to use that one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leave an egg in coca cola for 2 wks, remove and it has great speckles of light brown all over.

    1. And a delicious odor!

    2. im sure she meant in the icebox

    3. Thanks to another reader, it sounds as if you leave the Coca Cola eggs in the refrigerator for the 2 weeks.
      Have any of you tried this?

  3. The striped eggs aren't made from rubberbands.... there is no way any rubberbands would stay around the top and bottom the way it the picture suggests they would.

  4. In the Rubber Band Dyed Easter Eggs, what kind of dye did you use? It doesn't look like the typical Easter egg kit dyes - is it?
    Love these eggs!

  5. i read a tip to use wilton gel food coloring to dye eggs for a richer, more vibrant color result. :)

  6. i agree that those stripes on the end of the eggs couldn't have been made from rubber bands.

  7. They sound great and easy for use to make making them for easter sunday!!!

  8. dying egs with plain food coloring drops and vinegar make them bright. the neon food coloring drops from McCormick are the best.

  9. Great snoopy photo. Love it!!!!! :)

  10. Those are not rubber dyed at all, there is a kit to paint Easter eggs that holds the eggs at each extremity and thus let's you rotate it while you paint it with a brush, and you obtain exactly this look. I gave it to my daughter a few years back and we've made eggs like these several times now.

  11. Such cool & super-creative ideas!! I don't have any kids, but as an illustrator, simply love decorating Easter eggs!! Thanks for the great ideas! I just subscribed to your blog! And feel free to stop by mine if you get a chance!

  12. Hi!
    Had a question on how to dry eggs. I use paper towels and pat the eggs dry. It is an up and down motion, so as not to smear coloring. Hope that's helpful!