Thursday, May 19, 2011

Japan Poems, Culture, Paperdolls and Vintage Clip

Japanese vintage art - c.1918

Although I have remained silent about the terrible, tragic events of the recent past,
Japan and the Japanese people have been very much in my heart and in my prayers.

vintage Japanese silk label

You see, I have always loved the Japanese culture,
and it is one of my dreams to travel there someday.

I would be so thrilled to stay a week
or two (or three!) and learn
Japanese painting
doll making
and so much more!
vintage clip, c. 1918

"I have always known
That at last I would
Take this road, but yesterday
I did not know that it would be today."

- Narihira, 9th century Japanese poet

The following are vintage Japanese paper dolls:

vintage Japanese soldier paper doll

1936 Playmate magazine Japanese paper doll

vintage paper doll

Marjorie May's Japanese friend Tamaki, c.1910

Here is another safety pin project for you-
 the flag of Japan.
Refer to the directions from my previous blog!

vintage song sheet cover

vintage postage stamps

Liana has some lovely
Asian inspired paper doll costumes.
Here are a few:

and some modern Asian inspired dresses:

check out Liana's blog - web site on the right


Japanese kimonos are so beautiful.
I love the textures and colors.

Maiko, by Barbie 2006

Some day, I will have one of mine own!

Princess of Japan, DOW series, by Barbie 2003

For now, I enjoy the 2 Barbies, above.

c. 1906

Dolly Dimples in vintage Japanese costume, with doll

"When I went out
In the Spring meadows
To gather violets,
I enjoyed myself
So much that I stayed all night."

-Akahito, 8th century Japanese poet

Battle Hymn, c.1904, written by the Emporer of Japan

Japan has a long and rich history of war,
and samurai -

Here are some samurai warriors
that you can cut out and play with -

"Summer grass
Where warriors dream."

- Basho, Japanese poet, 1644 - 1694

vintage Japanese raw silk label, with dragon emblem

by Hiroshige, from his artwork and painted panels:

 left side
 center panel
right panel

"In my life
As in the twilight,
A bell sounds.
I enjoy the freshness of evening."

- Issa, Japanese poet, 1763 - 1827

 vintage clip

 I have always wanted a Japanese parasol!
For now, I am content to color them.

They also make stunning painted fans,
as this vintage paper doll shows:

Let's not forget Current's Japanese paper doll outfit:

Here are two more vintage paper doll sets for you:

I trust you have enjoyed this brief overview
of some of the wonderful things
that Japan has given us.

It's time now for us to give a little back.

Please contact your local Red Cross.


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