Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine Crafts for All

"Blessed is the season
which engages the whole world
in a conspiracy of 

- Hamilton Wright Mabie


Today I'd like to explore crafts
with a Valentine theme.

Since I love a wide variety of crafting projects,
that's what I'll share today!

a safety pin Pin Pattern by Sherri Osborn

Safety Pin Pins are so easy to make,
you can easily do enough for an entire classroom
in a short amount of time.

Why not pass out Valentines that are different this year
than the normal paper ones?

In fact, why not try your hand at making your own patterns?
You can find free graph paper at the UniqueBeadedJewelry web site,
or you can google 'blank loom beadweaving graph'
or check out all the free patterns (including graph paper) at

Cut a piece of 8.5" x 11" piece of cardstock in fourths.
Punch in two holes, 
spaced so your safety pin can be pinned through the holes!

Pin on your Valentine pin,
and sign your name.
Add a clever Valentine saying if you wish.

For a fancier gift, cut your cardstock in half,
and then fold each half in half for a 'card' type Valentine.
You can pin your special pin on the front, or in the inside!
Get out those crayons, markers, colored pencils
and stickers!
Don't forget some glitter, scented markers and ribbons!

c.2007 Sherri Osborn

Have you tried the 'new' Yo Yo Maker templates yet?
They are super easy to follow,
and yo yos are fun craft embellishments for tons of things!

Here is one finished, ready-to-buy yo yo hair clip:

Go to
and search for 'yo yo craft'.
You will find LOTS AND LOTS of wonderful items for sale,
all handmade,
and also the supplies needed to make your own yo yos,
and the finished yo yos for you to craft with!

from Tzaneen, South Africa


from the USA

from New York, USA

Another variation, with silk flowers, rhinestones and buttons!


I get inspired just looking at the creative ways others have used the humble yo yo!

How about sending Valentines that the recipient gets to color themselves?

You can tweak the size of these to fit your card dimensions,
and print off as many as you want -
personal use only, you know.
No packaging them and selling them!

courtesy Dover Publications

copyright Jan Brett, from her wonderful web site!!

unknown source

from the Oakland Tribune, Feb. 9, 1930 issue
by Helen Maillard
found on: www.yesteryearsnews.wordpress.com

vintage valentine

"Nothing you do for children
is ever wasted.
They seem not to notice us,
hovering, averting our eyes;
and they seldom offer thanks,
but what we do for them
is never wasted."

- Garrison Keillor, author and radio show host

vintage Valentine

That's it for today!

tomorrow - iris folding patterns,
more Zoo Valentines,
and more Valentine paper dolls!

also upcoming:
easy Valentine dipped caramels
and Valentines with suckers!

also on pinterest: kkloberdans!!

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