Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whooo is that?


Barn Owl

I found this wonderful tutorial on Scary Mask Wall Art!

Here is the link:

It has inspired me to have a blog all about


Tom Banwell has an etsy shop with almost all masks.
They are made out of leather, in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors.

and they're not just for women...

all above masks -

Happy Halloween 

- whatever you are!!!

Paris/Milan fashion show 2012
Alexis Mabille

a Cabbage Patch Head?!?!!

and the model doesn't look too thrilled with it either...

vintage porcelain mask

I am sorry, I do not know the creator of this peyote bead pattern.
Do you? Let me know so I can give proper credit.

Come as you aren't!

"Hold on, man.
We don't go anywhere with
'haunted' or
in the title!."

- Scooby Doo

Godzilla movie poster

One of the best Halloween costumes I ever made for my son 
was a Godzilla costume!

grasshopper leather mask

'Spooky Night'
sung to the tune of 'Silent Night'

Spooky Night, Halloween Night,
All is cold, Nothing's right.
'Round yon pumpkin glowing away,
People singing in the doorway.
Scream in devilish glee-ee,
Scream in devilish glee.

- author unknown

vintage clip, dover publications

"I don't know that there are real 
ghosts and goblins, 
but there are always 
more trick-or-treaters 
than neighborhood kids."

- Robert Brault

our Great Dane Zeus' favorite costume,
but only if it comes with the couch....

rococo lacy mask

bead mask pattern by Deanna Stermer

I'm too cute to spook!!

grey owl mask

original watercolor

"Clothes make a statement.
Costumes tell a story."

-Mason Cooley

vintage masks

'A gypsy fire is on the hearth,
Sign of the carnival of mirth;
Through the dun fields and from the glade
Flash merry folk in masquerade,
For this is Hallowe'en!'
- author unknown

recycled bottlecap magnet art

tatted lace mask

A mask alone can make quite the costume!

Have fun dreaming up the perfect mask for your Halloween costume this year!

Most of the little Halloween sayings I found here:

'til next time,
and on pinterest:  kkloberdans

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