Thursday, January 24, 2013

Peace and the Hunt for Happiness


"Peace" in the Zulu language,
spoken in South Africa

also found:
"ukuthula" as the word for 'peace',
couldn't really find verification at a reliable source.
Do YOU know how to say 'Peace' in the ZULU language?
Tell us!

'Zulu Girl' found at
there was also a note that it had won 2nd place in a 2008 photo contest
I think she is just lovely!

"Those who are free
of resentful thoughts
surely find peace."

 - Buddha

found at

How has your Week of Hunt for Happiness going?

I had grand plans, but then I've been sick for 2 days.
Still, I managed to find a little happiness in each day!

One of my 'happy' spots is the video and story
of the deep sea divers that were able to set a wild dolphin free
from its' entanglement in a fishing hook and line.
Big smile here!

a sheet of artistamps put together by Lisa Vollrath
You can join her 'group' and she gives lovely images away for personal use.

"When the power of love
the love of power
the world will know peace."

 - Jimi Hendrix

found at

Take a second look at that peace dove.
Do you see what it is protecting the world from?

Another 'Happy Moment' found?

I was feeling bad, and my husband offered to come home and fix me dinner,
even though he had another meeting to go to first 
and dinner was part of the meeting.
That just struck me as soooo kind and thoughtful.

(I told him no, I could always find something to eat).

"Peace begins with a smile."

- Mother Teresa

by Mary Engelbreit
found on

What are a few of your "Happy Moments"?

Do share!
I know I am not the only one that tires of hearing only
and reading of only
The news organizations say that only sensational news (i.e. BAD NEWS)
brings in readers and watchers.

Is that true for you?

Perhaps we don't need an hour by hour update of a tragedy occurring?
That is just encouraging the news agencies to keep the BAD NEWS coming.
I frequently find that if I read a headline, that is more than enough for me.

Do I need to know that the teen boy that (allegedly) murdered his parents and 3 siblings
was also a talented musician, good student, and not a monster?
I don't need to read about what a horrible person he is either.

When I read of the tragedy, my first thought was prayers for the teen boy and his family.
How very tragic that he thought this was the only solution for his situation.
How devastating for the rest of the family.
How lonely he must feel right now.
I have no desire to follow the sensationalizing of this tragedy.
I certainly am not going to read about it every day;
or try to make sense of it.

There is no sense or comfort from evil.
There is only chaos.
And we are each capable of evil.
That's what the Bible means when it says

'There is no one righteous*,  no not one.'
Psalm 14:1-3, Old Testament

*can be translated as 'pure' (I John 3:3), 'without blemish' (Ephesians 1:4),
or 'grounded in love' (Ephesians 3:17)

a tomb detail of an angel

"The most valuable possession
you can own
is an open heart.
The most powerful weapon
you can be
is an instrument of peace."

- Carlos Santana

I don't need to read about how awful other people are
to make me feel good about myself!


Well, it's time to step off my soapbox, I suppose.

I do challenge you today to search out some
for the next 7 days!

Let us know what you find out...
because there's always room for more....


Kuwait children, Kuwait City


"Peachy Keen" original Collage Art Doll by inkspired
using all recycled junk mail!

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