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Time to play school with younger children

Peace in German

Peace in French

Peace in Limburgan

All these languages are spoken in


Flag of Belgium Safety Pin Pattern

I hope all of the Belgium Olympians had a great time!
Thanks for being readers of my blog!

Both vintage song sheet covers are from 1918
courtesy Indiana Music University Library
web site to the right of my blog

Well, it's that time of year again,
when parents all over prepare their children to go to school
or to go back to school.
School supplies are on sale in all the stores here.
Some schools have already started.

"Red Apple" original Collage Art Doll
by inkspired

Last minute trips to the beach,
shopping for school clothes and shoes
and calling all of your friends
is a part of this time of year.

courtesy OrigamiBears, website to the right of my blog

For those of  you with children that will be staying home,
missing siblings is something to prepare for.

Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973), from a sketchbook.

Some children like to play "school".
This helps them get ready to go to school for themselves,
and also to feel connected to siblings that are 'gone to school'.

WelcomeToTheTeaParty, photobucket shot

Playing SCHOOL at HOME:

Get out all those boxes and little stools you have.
Have any doll chairs? Those work too!
Depending on your child, you can have them cover each 'box chair' with handkerchiefs and bandanas.
Set them up in rows.
Now, gather all those dolls and stuffed animals you have!

Madame Alexander dolls

Place one doll or stuffed animal on each 'chair'.
Fix a chalkboard
or dry erase board
on either a chair or stand at the front.
Print out different simple activity sheets,
one different for each 'student'.

Have your child pass these out, placing one in the laps of each 'student'.
At the front, place a small desk,
or a lap desk
or something hard that your child can write/color paper on.
This will be the 'teacher's desk!
Provide dry erase markers, or chalk for your child to 'teach' with.
Have markers and crayons  and plenty of paper ready
 for your child to be creative with.

Don't forget apple slices for the teacher!

vintage book cover

Need projet ideas for each 'student' to complete?
Seriously, I have things on almost every blog I have posted!

Your little teacher will need to help each 'student' with their school 'papers'.
That's enough to last for at least a month!
depending on how many students you little school ends up having.

How to draw a Penguin

Help you child understand how to sit quietly,
with their age determining how many minutes to start with.
4 years old? Have her sit for 4 minutes, doing quiet work.

Try to introduce schedules, if this is not already a part of your home life.
During school time, there will be a
Time for Writing
Time for Spelling
Time for Art
Time for Math, etc.
again, fit this to the age(s) of your child.

Don't expect a 2 year old to sit and play school for an hour!

Kokeshi Dolls

More than 1 child is terrific!
Teach how to take turns, on who gets to be the teacher,
and who gets to be one of the students.

Oh, don't forget 'recess' and snack time!

I hope these ideas have inspired you,
and taken a bit of stress out of the school season!
You can open your 'classroom' any day you want,
for the rest of the school year!

Have fun

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