Friday, May 4, 2012

Needing some pretty in my day


'Peace' in the Darja language, spoken in Algeria

Spring in the Crimea, with yalta iudino trees in bloom
by Josif Krachkovsky

No particular reason why,
I just need some bright colors today.
Some pretty flowers.
A couple of free paperdolls with bright colors.

Apple blossoms in Australia

I really am going to have to stop reading headlines on Yahoo before I write my blog! People can be so stupid. So cruel.
It could get one down right depressed....

"Happiness is a direction,
not a place."

- Sydney J. Harris

A scientifically proven way to help relieve depression:
wear bright colors

I really think I have shared these paperdolls before, but I don't have it noted
so here are some fun, bright and summery paperdolls for you to play with:

This is an incomplete set, as there are clothes for 2 more dolls (Kate and Kerry)that I don't have the dolls to go with them.
Also, I'm thinking there are probably more clothes that go with the original set too....
If you have a complete set and would like to send me the missing bits -
that would be great!
I got these from OrigamiBears I believe.

an Allen's Hummingbird male

There was an article on Yahoo today about colorful houses.
This is one of the pictures from that story:

"The Polka Dot House"
Grand Forks, MI
photo credit: Eric Hylden

I just realized I haven't shared a Barbie in ages!
Here she come....

peach "Birthday Wishes Barbie with gift bag", released 2005

One of my absolute favorite flowers, anytime of the year:

Because I love animals so, I have to include this photo of
an adorable English Sheep Dog from the Netherlands:

A lovely Spring frock from a 1916 ad:

I love the handkerchief hem over the underlying lacy skirt.

"Eat oranges
Hear the larks
Wait on the sun."

- John Muir

Cherry blossoms

Feel happier?
a bit more cheerier?
I know I do!
See you soon!


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