Monday, April 9, 2012

What to do with all those Easter Eggs and a bit about Paraguay


'peace' in Hungarian

a doll in traditional Hungarian folk clothes with little burro

I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter season.
Both Saturday and Sunday our computer went to sleep,
and wouldn't wake up! blog.
We had some friends over yesterday for supper,
and one of them is a computer whiz,
so he was able to show Michael how to 'wake it up',
plus some other neat (according to Michael) stuff.
So, all's well today.

Welcome to my new readers from Paraguay!
It's nice to have you join us!

Iguazu Falls, Paraguay

Wow! I would love to visit these falls someday!
I bet you can't hear a thing because of the roar of the falls.
Little bits of Paraguay:
It is a landlocked country, bordered by Bolivia, Argentina and Brazil.
It is also the least populated country on the South American continent!
Paraguay is described as a perfect trip for 'outdoor lovers, adventure seekers or anyone who appreciates nature'. (
Paraguay has a large Japanese community!


On to the Great Hard Boiled Egg Takeover Counter-Plan!

Do you have dye stains on your fingers?
Is your sink a little 'blue'?
Are your kitchen towels in the laundry room soaking in bleach?
Does your floor do the 'colored crunch' when you walk on it?
These are all danger signals for

The Great Hard Boiled Egg Takeover!!!

Best way to implement a Counter-Plan?
Get those eggs under control by
eating them


Yeah, yeah, I've heard it all before:

If I have to eat another hard boiled egg I will explode!
Eggs again?
You know, eggs are bad for your cholesterol....

Let's face some facts:

1.You will not explode if you eat another hard boiled egg.
2.Yes, eggs, I say! And you'll eat what I put in front of you!
3. That study was disproved ages ago. Get with the program!
thanks, Snoopy, for the happy face of an egg eater...

Okay, now let's have a plan...
Here are some ways to sneak hard boiled eggs into your food,
with hardly noticing it at all.

Idea # 1:
When making your favorite tuna fish sandwich recipe, mix in 1 or 2 chopped hard boiled eggs. I also like to add a bit of chopped celery for extra crunch.

Idea #2:
Chopped hard boiled eggs are terrific when added into a macaroni salad.

Idea #3:
Don't forget your egg salad sandwiches. Add a dash of Tabasco to your recipe for a surprise little 'kick'!

Idea #4:
An egg a day in your dog's food bowl will give him a nice shiny coat for spring.
Adjust this to the size of your dog, of course. My Great Dane would LOVE 2 eggs a day...but he's not getting them because we love deviled eggs.

Idea #5:
Put out a bowl of hard boiled eggs at each meal. When they're handy, people tend to munch on them. And don't forget - they really are healthy for you!

Colored Shell Disposal Idea #1:
Did you know that crushed egg shells are a good nutrient for your garden?
I love the added suprise of multi-colored shells to make my garden pretty!
My husband would prefer a rock garden....oh well.

Colored Shell Disposal Idea #2:
I am NOT a fish tank expert, but wouldn't some of the bigger pieces of colored egg shells look pretty in the bottom of an aquarium? I would be sure to clean off all the pieces of egg innards and membranes first, of course.


Well, this sinus headache is getting the best of me, so time to close.
I am meeting with my friend later so we can do some beading time.
Always so enjoyable.
We'll see if I can see the beads today!

you can purchase this image at

If you are having Spring weather like we have been having -
sunny, blue skies, white clouds,
go outside for at least 15 minutes today and enjoy it!

If you are having rainy Spring weather -
go outside for at least 15 minutes today and enjoy it!

And for those of you where this is your fall season -
go outside for at least 15 minutes and enjoy it!


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