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Starting to think about Easter and bunny trails


Yiddish for 'Peace', spoken in Israel and by other Jewish speaking persons

Well, so far this year I have been late for
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
President's Day
and probably more that I don't even know I have missed!

So, I thought I better jump right in to Easter preparations
or it will be done and gone!!

from unknown shop

I like to get out some of my angels for Easter.
I do a little display with them on a half table I have under a HUGE mirror.
I also have 2 areas on either side of our tv.
Since The Cat J.T. (Junior Terrorist) is gone now,
I can also put things on my round side table in the LR,
and things on my little cut out arbor/thingy in the wall by the stairs to go up.

This is a special angel my sister gave me.
She and/or the kids usually give me at least one angel for either my birthday
or Christmas. (My birthday is in December.)

It's kind of funny/ironic really.
My mom's birthday was Dec. 28.
Her entire life all of her aunts and uncles would send ONE gift
and ONE card with the message
"Happy birthday and Merry Christmas".
This really made her crazy.
Everyone else got a present/card on their birthday
a present/card at Christmas time.

vintage clip from LisaVollrath

So Grandma and Grandpa McDowell,
and later my Dad and us two girls,
would make a big deal about having a Birthday party for Mom,
and wrapping her presents in Birthday paper
and no Christmas left-overs!

Nothing could even hint 'Christmas'.

Since my birthday comes at the beginning of December,
Mom always made sure that my birthday was like that too.
I never received anything growing up that even remotely suggested
Christmas season, or the Holidays or anything like that.
We also didn't decorate for Christmas until after my Birthday.

My dear husband has continued this tradition.
He always makes it a point to go out and buy a new roll of wrapping paper for any birthday gifts he gives me.  No red and green here!!

Mom has been gone for 10 years now.
Dad has been gone for 5 years.
Now each year my Birthday celebration from my sister
has been getting more and more Christmas-like.
This year I got a beautiful black velveteen placemat with silver branches and berries embroidered on it. It came with a pretty little votive candle holder wrapped in silver branches with silver berries.
Very pretty.
Definitely Christmas decorations!!!

 I usually receive some kind of angel ornament
(for a Christmas tree)
or an angel decorated box
(for Christmas decorating) get the idea!

This year she even said:
"Oh, birthday, Christmas, whatever"
when referring to my birthday presents!

I wonder if next year I will receive One birthday present
with a card that reads
"Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas"!!!

So am I really complaining?
At this point I am just grateful that she even thinks of me enough
to get a present/card for me!
Although I suspect it is more and more the kids that remember me...
not her.
Oh well, we get what we can, don't we?

And what does this have to do with Easter????
Well, I DID go off on a bunny trail....

c. 1905 vintage song sheet cover

I am hoping to get some Easter eggs colored soon.
I went back over some of my previous blogs.
Can you believe it has been over ONE YEAR now that I have blogged?
Anyway, I found Easter Egg decorating ideas
and Deviled Eggs recipes
and more!
(but wait....there's more....a favorite tv commercial we make fun of)

These specific dates I found the above ideas.
I thought you might like to check them out again!
Mar 26, 2011
April 12, 2011
April 13
April 15
April 16
April 23
April 26
April 30

Instead of checking out the dates listed,
 you can type into the 'search' box at the upper left corner
at the top of my blog, words like:

Easter egg
deviled egg recipe
Easter chick

and other words like that....

These are paper mache' floral eggs.
While I don't have down which place I found these at,
you can 'google' and find plenty to check out!

I will be thinking more about Easter,
and sharing in future blogs.
I love the symbolism of Easter morning that is contained in a little egg.
I love the fun we have with bunnies and chicks
and colored eggs and jelly beans
and childrens' wonder at it all.
I love that beneath all of the frivolity and fun
there is a deeper, life changing meaning to it all.
Let's explore it all together in the upcoming days of
Easter Season.

the Easter...hippo?
a rubber stamp from

Oh yes, and I have now have 2 pages partially done on my


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