Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Fairy Saturday for you


'Peace' in Irish

from a slideshow titled "Amazing Paths"
author/photographer unknown

I am in a bit of a fantasy-forget-real-life mood today.
it's time for fairies!

'crystal rainbow fairy' by

a beaded fairy amulet, creator unknown

"I believe in the imagination.
What I cannot see
is infinitely more important
than what I can see."

- Duane Michals, from Real Dreams

by fairyartlady

a sparkly beaded bracelet hand beaded and created by inkspired

You know me, I pretty much can't have a blog without a paper doll or two!

Here's one for you to color:

I think maybe in the tiny print is the name of the artist/creator.

These next fairy paperdolls are from a book called
The Enchanted Realm of Fairyland:

I'm not sharing the whole book with you today -
it has a LOT more very pretty and unusual fairies and costumes.

Just a reminder-
these paperdolls are NOT public domain
and are for your personal enjoyment only!

"To open your heart to the fairies,
you must nurture these feelings of wonder,
reverence and love for every detail of your garden,
for the airs which blow about it,
the musical rain which falls gently upon it,
the moon and the stars which silently look down on it, the great sun which is the source of its being
and for the clouds and changing skies
which provide it with a canopy.
When you truly feel the sweetness of this magic,
you will begin to discover the fairies,
for they will make themselves known to you."

--Claire Nahmad - GardenSpells

Thank you Dover Books for sharing images
from your HUMONGOUS selection of books!

c. 1910
vintage song sheet cover graphics, thanks to Indiana Music Library

vintage painting
courtesy Twisted Papers

Here is another vintage look goody from turkeyfeathers.
She is so generous!

You could embroider these,
use fabric paint pens,
dimensional paint bottles,
fabric paint in a tube
so many things you could adapt this pattern for!

a couple of cards using the cut paper/layering technique so popular in Europe:

I haven't shared from Liana's blog lately, so here are costumes and paperdolls
 from her wonderful imagination:

a wood duck fairy

'Ivy' base doll

a wetlands fairy

another coloring page for you,
courtesy Dover Publications:

To finish up, I found this beautiful photo
showcasing a wreath for the bride's head.
She looks like a fairy to me!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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