Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Multi season free paperdolls

Today I want to share with you some paperdolls that have clothes for different seasons, as opposed to a paper doll with clothes dedicated to one season.

This bear set is by a wonderful paper doll artist, Pat Stahl.
I have several of her 'people' paper dolls for another day!
Private use only please.
A different paper doll bear set!

A foreign made paper doll next - sorry, I don't know what country.
Do you?
Let me know!!
my comments section is SUPER EASY now.
no joining.
no signing up.
no hassle.
only me gets to see first!

this next one I think is from Spain.
I just love all the different costumes in it!

Luba is a Russian set of doll and costumes -

Sugar and Spike are from an old cartoon series.

While I realize this is a "Halloween" set, they have a very versatile grouping,
so I decided to include them!

Coming up is a great set for you to color on a rainy day -

The last three pages of paper dolls I have today are from Germany -

Most if not all of these paperdolls are probably under a copyright of some kind.
Use them for your personal use, and have lots of fun!
DON'T print/scan/adjust and think you can sell them. You can't.

Budget Craft ideas:
Let these images inspire you to make costumes for yourself or some little ones.

Why not print out some, cut and then make greeting cards out of them! Your recipient will have a one of a kind handmade-by-you card to treasure.

You could print out several and attach to yarn/string for a budget home decorating idea.  Wouldn't that be cute in a child's room? Hang the garlands over the top of curtains for a window topper.

You can also print and spray glue a solid color cardstock to the back. Then lamate them together and cut out. Great idea for a mobile in your sewing room, or again in a little girl's room. Go for all boy paper dolls and costumes, and you have a fun decoration for your boy also!

So many ideas jumbling around in my head....
until tomorrow,

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