Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Morning!
at least, it's morning here.
I have just a few minutes for a blog today, so I will try not to talk too much!!!

Here is a fun set of paperdolls, with lots of costumes and outfits:

Here is a fun little beaded project that will work up in no time!
You could add it to the front of a Halloween card!
You could make several in a row, and make a boo-ti-ful bracelet!

Stiffen it up with some floor wax, and put a pin on the back for a brooch.
Oh, put the pin on first, then the floor wax!
Here is another:

Let's brush up on our drawing, and amaze all our friends with hand-drawn cards!

Here is a great costume idea that you can get everything from your own closets, with perhaps a vist to ARC to find a black hat:

Here is a belly dancer costume idea. Take the idea and make it your own!

Sorry, that's all the time I have!
See you tomorrow!

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