Thursday, August 18, 2011


(Zulu for hello, to multiple people)

translates to mean 'we see you',
and your response should be
"yebo", meaning 'yes'.

kirigami with stamped/colored flower by inkspired

So happy you stopped by!
Today is simply a


I think yellow is so cheerful and happy.
Too bad I can't type in yellow,
but you would be grumpy with me at the end of the blog if I did.

Instead, I will share yellow in photos,
paintings, rubber stamped cards, get the idea!

Now yellow comes in many different shades.
And some unexpected things are shades of yellow,
like mermaids.
Who knew?

pitchmom from etsy

and mermaid hair -
and rubber duckies

There's yellow shoes -

original Collage Art Doll

and yellow curtains -

yellow skies and yellow pirates -

The blue fairy book,
painting by Frank Godwin, 1931

paper cutting, unknown artist

recycled bottlecap magnets,

We have yellow letters:

recycled bottlecaps
with hand colored Art Nouveau Alphabet letters

recycled bottlecap with junk mail paper scrap

There's yellow fruit, and of course yellow flowers
some perhaps not as well known:

 vintage fruit crate label

 yellow sea flowers

yellow tulip stamped with cut kirigami background by inkspired

'Fairy with Golden Flower', original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Yellow fluttering things

stamped card with kirigami background, inkspired

vintage illustration from "The Turned Into's"

Yellow things that
and woof:

 kirigami and stamped card by inkspired

hand painted and stamped domino magnet by inkspired

and some that even roar!!!

hand stamped tri-fold card, unknown artist

Did you know that some rocks are yellow?

 rockin' art by inkspired

 custom order school bus,

I have loved yellow dresses ever since I can remember,
so here are some fun ones:

 vintage dress patterns

 free paperdoll courtesy of OrigamiBears

vintage beverage poster

I couldn't possibly forget Liana's beautiful paper doll costumes -

from Liana's Paper Boutique line, from earlier in her artistic career

Next up I have yellow moons,
and a yellow flag

All of these scenery type cards can be found on stampscapes web site
I adore their stamps, and own a few myself.
Well, okay, maybe more than just a few....

Joan of Arc, painting by Frank Godwin

Next we have yellow scherensnitte,
yellow kirigami
and yellow cut paper art -

 kirigami cake doilies, and kirigmai decorating stencil

 kirigami made into a card, inkspired

decorated blown eggs, with paper cuttings

Well, it's that time again,
where I must say good bye,
until tomorrow.

Perhaps we will follow a path,
a yellow path,
and in time we will meet
to say hello!

 yellow road markings, Maui, Hawaii

'summer home cabin', by Cindy Smith; stampscapes

It's time for me to go eat....
some yellow food!!!


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