Friday, July 29, 2011

Jeannie and the Genie in a Bottle

roj bahsh

(Kurdish, pronounced rohzj bahsh)

Kurdistan is now split between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.
Kurdish language is spoken in two main dialects:
Sorani (East & South of Kurdistan)
Kurmanji (in West and North of Kurdistan).

A little world knowledge for you!

Today I am going to let the genie out of the bottle.
Or is that Jeannie out of the bottle?
we'll do both!

Barbara Eden in the role of Jeannie,
from the tv series "I Dream of Jeannie"

For my last birthday my husband gave me THREE new Barbie dolls!
Boy, does he know how to make me happy!
I got the Bewitched tv doll,
the vintage repro of an airline stewardess
(that was the only thing I wanted to be when I was growing up!)
an I Dream of Jeannie Barbie doll!

way cool!

There is an artist that creates 'genie' bottles.
They are just beautiful. Here are a few:

Three of the original cast members
with Mario, a genie bottle artist

These next few are by the bottle artist - Shannon

Barbara Eden with Shannon, and handmade bottle

Barbara Eden with Larry Hagman
and two convention goers

'I Dream about Jeannie' tv cast photo promotional

Notice that the censors at that time did not allow
the showing of belly buttons.
Guess they were too sexy?

As the show had repeat seasons, her costume was 'modified'.

At first, her top was cut much higher also,
covering more bosom!

This Danbury Mint collectible doll shows
the more modest original costume:

These vintage song sheet covers show what was acceptable
 back in the early 1900's, of similar costumes:



Quite a bit different than this 'pin-up' ad from the 1950's:

This was wayyyy too racy for the television censors!

Here is later promotional photo.
Quite the difference!

a glass genie bottle

So who came up with this design of a genie bottle?
I have always liked the traditional bottle shape from

Well, I suppose the actual difference is that
 Aladdin had a lamp,
and I Dream of Jeannie had a bottle.

They are both genies, so I guess I will be happy with both!

"Genie out of the Bottle"
original art glass sculpture by Merja Waters 

African wood carved genie bottle

Brass Genie Lamp

Time for a little coloring project!

Neither look much like the Disney version of a Genie!

I like the Big Blue however!

Now this one is scary!

and this one:
Genie-in-a-bottle wine cap

photo fun

a plastic toy

Another clever photograph play:

a cool digital image:

More traditional illustration paintings:

Most men would prefer their genie to look more like this I think:

'Dancing With the Stars' tv program shot


Barbara Eden as "Jeannie", flying on a magic carpet

adult costumes for sale

available at Costume Heaven

photo from a Halloween Party,
Terri with a Genie Bottle

I think these look more fun -

I Dream of Jeannie fabric!

I think I'm a bit 'genied' out now!

Don't forget to practice your 'crossed arms, blink,
and wish for something' pose today!


credit to Sharon Michaels

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