Friday, June 3, 2011

Rose is the June Flower of the Month

Today I will start to explore the rose.

This is a rose from the numerous gardens
at WaltDisneyWorld, Florida, USA.
I enjoyed taking many pictures there from our last trip, 2009.

another WDW rose photo I snapped

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust

I drive my nieces and nephews a little crazy when we go to the Denver Zoo.
I love to photograph the little things - like a bunch of flowers, or a single hibiscus.
A butterfly. A hummingbird moth. A spider web.
I take photos of the little wild rabbits,
and perhaps a peacock feather on the ground.
Oh, and I also take photos of the animals!
So they all know that if I drag behind, I'm just taking another photo,
and will catch up with them soon!

Nelicia and Lauriel, waiting for Aunt Karen, again.

"In a way, nobody sees a flower really.
It is so small; we haven't time.
And to see takes time,
as to have a friend takes time."
- Georgia O'Keeffe

vintage clip

In traditional 'flowers of the month'
June is ROSE.

 botanical illustration

The Song of the Rose Fairy
by Mary Cecily Barker

"Best and dearest flower that grows,
Perfect both to see and smell;
Words can never, never tell
Half the beauty of a Rose -
Buds that open to disclose
Fold on fold of purest white,
Lovely pink, or red that glows
Deep, sweet-scented. What delight
To be Fairy of the Rose!"

The Rose Fairy illustration by Mary Cecily Barker

 I love this next vintage poem and song:


In the Language of Flowers
A rose means:

Love, passion, beauty and perfection.

Rachel's Rose Fairy Oval by PurpleMoon

The rose is rich in history and meaning.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love,

presented a rose to Eros.

Cleopatra lured Marc Antony

with a room knee deep in rose petals!

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra

The rose is named for the Latin

 word rosa

which means red.

vintage French postcard, MademoiselleChipotte- etsy

Different colors of Roses
meant slightly different things.
Different combinations of roses,
or roses with other flowers
also meant differing things!


The Language of Flowers
was a very complex language.


A pink rose meant 'friendship'.

A yellow rose meant 'secret


On a different web site,
it says that the yellow rose means

painting, unknown artist

A red and white rose,
or red and white roses sent together



A white rose meant


and a red rose meant

passionate love.

vintage clip


I have quite a bit more about

the Rose history,

state flowers,

Rose ballads and songs,

and perhaps even some Rose


I'll be sharing them throughout the

 month of June.


See you tomorrow!


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