Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's Hula Time!


Today I am in a HULA mood!
Think flower leis,
Hawaiian music
grass skirts
hoola hoops
torches lit
exotic flowers and fragrance
and of course....
the hula!

Dolls of the World, Polynesia Barbie, 1995


Let's try on a few Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts
 to get in the mood...

Mary Englebreit's Ann Estelle Summer paper doll

Betsy McCall's Hawaiian trip

'Island Princess' from a magazine

DisneyLand's Tiki Room, with 50th anniversary symbol

I have a treasury on etsy's treasury site that is named:

Time to HULA

If you have time, go check it out!
It is full of fun Hula items for sale on etsy.

While you're there, you can check out my other treasuries also:
My Garden Rocks
Old MacDonald Had a Farm...
Butterfly Flutterings
Mermaids' Self Portrait
Mermaids Boutique
Marie's (Antoinette) Closet
Elephants Never Forget
and many more!
Here is one of my bottlecaps that fits our Hula theme today:
My bottlecap art uses all recycled junk paper -
catalogs, magazines, flyers, annoying notices on the front door
- anything that is headed for the trash may become a treasure to me!
I also pester all my friends and family to save their bottlecaps for me,
so many of my bottlecaps are truly recycled.
Others are from a bottling company's overruns.
Sealed with a shiny acrylic coating, and backed with a VERY STRONG magnet, these pieces of art are one of a kind.
Can  you tell I like them?

bottlecap for sale www.inkspired.etsy.com

vintage song sheet cover

Let's put on some great Hawaiian music.
One of my absolute favorites is a singer/musician named IZ.
You can find his music here:

Alone in IZ World

Facing the Future
(this is his first solo album)

And yes, he was quite a huge man, but much beloved by the Hawaiian people. He sang contemporary, but also traditional Hawaiian songs.
Just type in "IZ" in Amazon's search,
and you will find more of his wonderful music, and his life's story.

Here's another CD I found on Amazon.
I have not listened to it, but I would give it a try!

Wish I could hear some of these songs...


vintage song sheet cover

Super fast pineapple side dish:
You may laugh, but I grew up with this 'recipe'!

canned pineapple slices
maraschino cherries
cottage cheese

Place a pineapple slice onto a plate.
Scoop 1 heaping tablespoon of cottage cheese and put in the middle of the pineapple slice.
Top with one maraschino cherry, or half maraschino cherry.
For extra fancy, place a lettuce leaf first on the plate, then layer as above.


That's all for today!

Aloha Ahi Hou

that means

Goodbye, Have a good day!



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