Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Everybody's thinkin' it..I'm just sayin' it ..PIRATES!


I had fun checking out pirates on Google!
I found many photos of a Buccuneer's Ball
that is apparently held annually.

These people are having serious pirate fun.

Let's get out our pirate colors, and do some coloring!

 courtesy Dover Publications

an English Pirate, 1650

My friend Kathy York has a wonderful rubber stamp company

She fell in love with Pirates when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out, I think. She has the best selection of Pirate rubber stamps I have seen anywhere.

Here are some cards from the RubberStampAve gallery site:

 card by Joe Nathan

All of these are made from Kathy's Pirate stamp line.

If you order from her, please let her know that
sent you!!!

Here is a 5 - Pirate maze for you:

and here is a simple find-a-word puzzle
for someone perhaps a bit younger:



One of my favorite movies is

CutThroat Island 

Geena Davis, Matthew Modine and Frank Langella star.
Great actors!

painting of a scene from Cut Throat Island

Let's not forget Captain Blood,
with Errol Flynn & Olivia De Haviland-

And of course, the tongue-in-cheek movie,
Ice Pirates

Ready to learn how to draw some 'pirate-ish' things?

I think these Dover How-to Draw books
are very clever.
They are a great way
to introduce a child to drawing.

and of course my absolute favorite pirate -

Peter, WaltDisneyWorld 2009

and yes....
 He purchased his hat the first day...
and wore it everyday!
He got lots of comments and smiles!

With that, I will close for today.
Who knows what I'll blog about tomorrow!!


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