Saturday, April 9, 2011

A girly girl Easter with free paperdolls and vintage clip

Today we are going to be girly girl. If YOU are not girly girl, I bet you know someone who is, be she 5 or 95!

Barbie coutour in Satin, 1997 Add  a little wrist corsage, and she is ready for any Easter event!!!

Here is Sally for some Easter paper dolly time:

Is Ms. Kitty searching for Easter Eggs?

What girly girl can resist these adorable tots with ducklings?
Why not print out some of the vintage clip I have included in my blogs from day 1, and make your own Easter cards?
So so simple.

Take 1 sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock, cut in half.
You now have the base for 2 cards. Fold each half in half. You can orientate your cards with the fold on the left side, or the fold at the top.

Lay out snippets of lace, ribbon, printed color clip, perhaps some vintage buttons or Easter ones. Add in a little gold charm that coordinates, such as a little duck, or a little bird in a nest. Tear some poetry or words from an old dictionary to give a 'vintage' look to them.
How about some tiny silk or ribbon flowers? 
Arrange everything to your satisfaction.

Now, starting from the bottom of your picture/embellishment pile, start gluing things down onto your Easter Card. Remember to leave room for a sentiment (Happy Easter, For You, etc.) if you haven't already included it, or choose to put it inside as a greeting.

You can use double stick tape whenever possible(VivaLasVegastamps has the best, see side bar), but for heavier items such as buttons, I still think Aleene's Tacky Glue in the gold bottle is best. It has a heavy weight that allows things to sink into it. It dries clear.

Let dry. Open card and stamp a little sentiment, or use one you have printed or found in an old book.
Now TURN OVER to the back, and sign your work of art! Date it if you want.
For heavily decorated/bulky cards I like to use a padded mailing envelope. If you are hand delivering, then any envelope that your card fits in will work.

Voila! C'est bien!

Let's do some fantasy dress up for Easter!
These dolls and costumes are from Liana's site.
Such a wonderful, wonderful talent.
see side bar for website.
I think this one needs a big picture hat!

What do you think? A little nosegay of spring flowers tucked into her waist sash?
I have saved one of my favorites for last:

Have fun!
Don't forget to laugh today!
Don't have someone to share paper dolls with?
Find one! There's lots of girls out there...they don't have to be blood relatives
to enjoy some special time with you.
How about spreading some joy to your local nursing home?j


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