Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter chicks galore!

First of all, don't you just love the word 'galore'? We just don't use it enough.
So, today we will have paper dolls 'galore', chick coloring pages 'galore', and darling chick photos and vintage clip 'galore'!
Since I know you have that big ol' box of crayons out from yesterday, here is a fun Easter Chick coloring page for you!
and another:

Here is a rubber stamped card from Peddler's Pack:
Okay, okay, I know these wonderful eggs will not become cute little chicks,
but the card was so pretty I had to add it!

So, here are some more chicks:
and another vintage postcard:

“Our theories of the eternal
are as valuable as are those
of a chick which has not broken
its way through its shell
might form of the outside world.”
 - Budha

Here is a fun little paperdoll by Lucinda Darbin, courtesy of OrigamiBears.
Be sure and make some extra outfits!

And we can't leave out Betsy McCall, now can we?
"We can see a thousand miracles around us every day.
What is more supernatural than an egg yolk
Turning into a chicken?”
- S. Parkes Cadman

Here is a tip for making your own Easter egg stands:

Cut a toilet paper cardboard core into 1 inch cylinders.
Have fun decorating with stickers, scraps of fancy paper, lace and ribbons!
Now, how easy is that?
Here is a darling little cupcake recipe from McCormick's seasonings:
Chick Cupcakes
Hatch a batch of these cupcakes this Easter with your little kitchen helpers.
Makes 12 (1 cupcake) servings.
Prep Time: 30 minutes

1 container (16 ounces) vanilla frosting
2 cups flaked coconut
12 unfrosted cupcakes
12 plain donut holes
12 pieces candy corn or 6 orange jelly beans, halved lengthwise
Miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips
1. Tint frosting yellow, using 18 drops yellow food color. Place coconut in resealable plastic bag. Add 12 drops yellow food color to coconut in bag; shake until coconut is evenly tinted.
2. Spread top of each cupcake with tinted frosting. Press opposite sides of each cupcake into tinted coconut. Spread donut holes with remaining frosting. Press a donut hole into top of each cupcake to form the chick’s head.
3. Press coconut on top of the head for feathers. Insert a candy corn or jelly bean half into the face for the beak. Use the chocolate chips for the eyes.
Test Kitchen Tip: For ease in frosting donut holes, first insert small wooden skewer into donut. Use skewer as a handle when frosting donut. Invert frosted donut onto cupcake then remove skewer.
Copyright © 2008 McCormick & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. | www.mccormick.com

And for a final too cute end:
Hope today's blog has made you smile at least twice!

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