Monday, August 21, 2017

Fashions and Fashion Police

I recently added a game app all about fashion, creating your own looks and competing against other fashionistas around the world.

Oh my! I am so addicted to this game! My husband says it is a natural for me, and just feeds into an addiction I already have.
He's prob'ly right, not that I admit to it!

Which brings me to the subject of Fashion Police.
I think we need a mandatory class taught in all schools at the Elementary level, and again at the High School level about Fashion. What we wear, and what does it say about us?
In my dreams, I know.

Seriously though, how many times have you been at a store and thought "I wonder what made her decide to wear That in public?!".
"Does he even own a mirror?"
"I would be so embarrassed to go anywhere with him (or her) in that outfit!"

I feel a headache comin' on.

Insert choice of photo here.             X.           As I still can't figure out how to from my iPad!

What does this have to do with trendy fashions? Apparently there are some of the above-mentioned wardrobe disasters now being created, designed, AND MARKETED to the general public now! As High Fashion! How do I know this? Because every item of clothing and accessories in my new game are available for purchase, and delivered to my door.

This makes my fun fantasy game into a potential real life nightmare. Yikes!

I feel a series of Fashion Police blogs comin' on.

So let's start with a very basic concept.


Underwear is defined as something meant to be worn under clothing. In fact your Grandma might still refer to it as your undergarments. Under is the key word here.

I don't care what color bra you are wearing. I don't want to see what type of  underwear you are wearing. The thong vs not is not a current debate burning in my mind. I don't care if you are wearing name brand briefs or WalMart special whiteys. Silk vs cotten blend? Nope, don't care.

Underwear has some specific duties:
1) protect the body from abrasions. Think riding a horse.
 2) keep body fluids on your body, not mine. Think sitting on a bus seat.
 3) holding things in place rather than flapping around. Think a plus size body jumping rope.
4) makes outer garments fit better. Think Grandma in a sheath dress with nothing on underneath.

Yet showing underwear outside the bedroom is becoming more frequent. Is this truly a progression in fashion, or are we sliding back to the Stone Age? I think you can guess my position on that!

See you next time when I will approach just what is fashion? And young vs more mature fashion choices.