Friday, August 1, 2014

I spy with my little eye a fluttering fairy nearby..

Victorian English Fairy art

Victoria fairy photo

"And as the seasons come and go,
here's something you might like to know.
There are fairies everywhere:
under bushes,
in the air,
playing games just like you play,
singing through their busy day.
listen, touch, and look around -
in the air and on the ground.
And if  you watch
all nature's things,
you might just see
a fairy's wing."

- author unknown

Fairy Queen Titania

fairyland manxscenes

Build a 3-D poster from Dover

creeping thyme plant and fairy cottage

"Garden fairies come at dawn,
Bless the flowers
then they're gone."

- author unknown

Carmel, CA, USA

little fairy, by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

Build a 3-D poster courtesy Dover

"The fairy poet takes a sheet
Of moonbeam, silver white;
His ink is dew from daisies sweet,
His pen a point of light."

 - Joyce Kilmer
foun on:

Lady Fitzroy by Alexander Bassano

Build a 3-D poster courtesy Dover Books

fairy queen by

Anita Louise as Titania
A Midsummer Night's Dream, 1935
Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle

are like
fairy whispers."

- author unknown

anster fairy paintings, perhaps by Fitzgerald

New Creation Fantasy Print

Dallas Arboretum Garden

Chinese fairies by LeMabang

Middle Mountain Gourds fairy house

"It is frightfully difficult
to know much about fairies,
and almost the only thing for certain
is that there are fairies
wherever there are

- J.M.Barrie, Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens
found on

I think fairy....
by Ruth M. Mallock, courtesy Dover

Build a 3-D poster, courtesy Dover Books

fairy in the bluebell wood

wire sculpture
found on:

"A rustle in the wind
reminds us
a fairy is near."

- author unknown

Fairy Queen in the forest


have a fairy happy day!

'til next time,
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"Fairies Chatting"
original Collage Paper Painting made from all recycled junk mail
by inkspired

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