Friday, August 22, 2014

Arabian Nights and dancing in the moonlight

Hans Zatzka, and Austrian painter
1859 - 1945

"And those who were seen dancing 

were thought mad 

by those who could not hear the music."

--- Friedrich Nietzsche

unknown vintage photo dancer

1942 movie poster

"Everything in the universe
has rhythm.
Everything dances."

 - Maya Angelou

Arabian Nights illustration

Ida Rubinstein and Vaslav Nijinsky in
Scheherazade, 1910

"A filmy veil,

floating gracefully 

around a whirling dancer

is a special

ethereal vision."

- Dahlena

Rita Hayworth as Salome
1953 film

Sadi, a Dance of the East for Piano
courtesy Indiana Music Library, see link to Right

an Ouled-Nail Tribal Dancer
by Georges Jules Victor Clairin

"Beside the fire,

as the wood burns black,

A laughing dancer in veils of light,

Whose dance transforms the darkness

to gold."

- Abu Abd Allah ben Abi-l-Khisal, 
excerpt from The Serpent of the Nile by Buonaventura

Hungarian Arabian Nights
Metropolitan magazine cover by William Andrew Pogany

Salome Fry's Turkish Delight Cigarettes ad

1920 ad for Palmolive soap


is like dreaming with your feet.

- Constanze

The Dance, by Guglielmo Zocchi

vintage illustration

Imperial Burlesque Company poster
found on

"Dancing with the feet is one thing,
dancing with the heart is another."

 - author unknown

Evelyne and Beatrice Kraft, 1944

courtesy Indiana Music Libraries, link to the Right

The Tambourine Player
by Hans Zatzka
found on

Tonight, when the moon is out,

dance a little....

circa early 1900's

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Ardra Waltzes by Frank M. Witmark
courtesy Indiana Music Libraries, link to the Right

and on pinterest:  K.Kloberdans

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