Saturday, June 7, 2014

C is for Clown

tee hee!

vintage clown found on

C is for clown!

funny clown found on

Turn a 'C' on the side
and what do you get?

A big happy grin!

1957 coloring book 
found on

Clowns want us to laugh
and giggle
and guffaw
and hoot and holler!

children during a magic show
page by Matthew Jones on

laughing baby Yao

(That is one of my all-time fave photos, by the way!)

vintage song sheet for the movie theme song for Laugh-Clown-Laugh,
starring Lon Chaney

I get mad when people try to make clowns scary.
It ruins it for so many.
Clowns have always just wanted kids to have fun.


This is how it makes the Clowns feel:

Lladro clown figurine

So I say enough!

Let's remind all kids how fun clowns can be!!!

from "Look! Look! A Clown!" vintage book

February 2013 kids laughing

It's okay to act silly!

coloring page by

circus folks, 1955
found on

Clowns like to play lots of games...

Learning numbers is fun

a harder dot-to-dot clown

pinball maze
courtesy of Dover Publications, address to the right

Clowns like to sing silly songs too!

1910 song sheet cover
courtesy Indiana Music Libraries

Rudy the Clown
Can you hear me now?

c.1915 Circus Day In Dixie Song
courtesy Indiana Music Libraries

Clowns have lots of friends!

Circus performers in Blackfoot, Idaho
photo from the 1800's

1960s Circus Clown poster

bouncing clowns

One of the most famous American clowns is
Red Skelton
He was such a cool man,
it'll take a whole 'nother blog to cover him!

Red Skelton

Piglet even wants in on the fun -

Silly piglet!!

Clowns have been around a long, long time.
In different ages, they dressed differently from what we think of as a clown now, but back then everyone knew who the clowns were because of how they dressed.

Here are some different, well-known styles: 

Victorian clowns

vintage clown postcard

vintage clowns

March, 1922 Theatre Magazine cover

c.1917 Lily of the Valley, A 'Nut' song featuring a 'Pierrot' clown
courtesy Indiana Music Libraries

Claudett Colbert in a harlequin clown costume

So get your clown face out
and do something silly today!!

clown photo booth

Kathmandu, Nepal school children

make a clown costume with paper plates and pompoms

(and never leave home without your

found on

'til next time -

an inkspired original collage made from all junk mail
and on pinterest:  K.Kloberdans

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  1. The "unknown actress in a harlequin clown costume" is the lovely Claudette Colbert :)