Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas with Betsy McCall

kev tiaj tus

'peace' in the Hmong language, spoken in China, Laos and Vietnam

artist unknown

Let's have a Betsy McCall paper doll Christmas blog!

First, the all important letter to Santa -

Dec., 1952

Next, she gets to help her Mom decorate the Christmas tree -

Dec., 1954

Betsy tries to wait up for Santa Christmas Eve -

Dec., 1953

and now it is Christmas morning! -

Dec., 1951

Through the years, Betsy went through several transformations;
as styles and fashions changed, so did her artists.

Here is Betsy, with her cousin Linda -

Dec., 1958

Betsy needs to write some thank you notes 
for the wonderful presents she received -
can you help her?

Dec., 1959

It's time to visit Grandma!

Dec., 1960

and now it's time to visit Great-Grandma!

Dec., 1965

Let's help Betsy bake some cookies!

Dec., 1971

Betsy learns there is more to Christmas than receiving gifts -

Dec., 1984

Here are some fun holiday activities you can do with Betsy -

Dec., 1986

Dec., 1994

I hope you have had fun with Betsy McCall!

I wish she was still with us....

Did you know that all the cute clothes that Betsy and her family and friends wear are actual McCall's patterns?

Dec., 1992

Dec., 1964

Dec., 1955

Looking back through her paper doll pages is like a walk through fashion history, and a note on society's expectations!

(I love the leopard print undies on the 1955 cousin Sandy, 
and the matching mom and daughter outfits!!)

Jan., 1961

Jan., 1971

Have a merry McCall's Holiday season!

'til next time,
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