Thursday, December 19, 2013

a crafty Christmas for kids


How to say 'peace' in Sri Lankan

celebrating Christmas in Chennai, Sri Lanka

an iris folded angel design card by inkspired

Let's get ready for the Christmas holidays
with some fun things for you and the kids to make!

Here are some tags for the kids to color and cut out:

Or here they are, already colored and ready to print and cut:

These gift cards are in Spanish:

Get out the scissors, and let's cut some paper dolls!

'Holly' by Bette Wells, 1988

Here are three pages of paper dolls from
Pat Stall

Pat always does such a nice job with her paper dolls!

Here is a nice nativity that the kids can cut out,
and then fold to make a 3-dimensional creche scene.

vintage Jack and Jill magazine, December, 1965

Now that you know how to put one together,
why not make one with old Christmas cards that you cut up?

Here are some vintage Christmas card images 
to get you started:

vintage 1910 Christmas card

vintage card

Let's have a card-making party!
Things to set out:

glue sticks
double side tape
blank card stock, cut into both 1/2, and 1/4 sheets
lots of old Christmas cards
plain white paper
paper to cover your table surface
coloring things:
markers, pens, pencils, crayons, etc.

add some fun embellishments like:

glitter glue
glitter gel pens
cotton balls
stick-on stars
puffy paint with drawing tips

Here is a simple mitten pattern to get you started:

courtesy Jan Brett

Turn the mitten upside down.
Color, embellish.
Glue JUST THE SIDES AND BOTTOM of the mitten 
to a card front. Leave the top (wrist) part open.

After the glue is dry, fill the mitten with cut-out shapes 
as a surprise for the card receiver!

You could tuck in 

* a school picture,
* parts to make a paper snow man
*a simple picture cut into 1/8 to make a puzzle
*paper snowflakes
*a puzzle or maze for the card receiver

Give a mouse a Merry Christmas Muffin Gift
courtesy Dover

build-your-own snowman card
sorry, I'm not sure where I found this

visual illusions coloring page courtesy Dover

This is a card I made using circle stickers, 
and a stick-on rhinestone!

I ran the background red card stock through a corrugator.

Don't forget to drag out those old magazines.
They have wonderful images and colors to cut out and embellish your cards with!

You can do some gift wrapping while the kids are busy too!

That's it for today!
Don't forget to stop and have a cup of tea
and do some deep breathing!


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one of the tea cups that I collect

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