Friday, October 4, 2013

Painting the Leaves


vintage Ladies' Home Journal magazine cover
November, 1919
artist: Frank Godwin

"Winter is an etching,
Spring a watercolor,
Summer an oil painting
Autumn a mosaic of them all."

- Stanley Horowitz

Heidelberg, Germany  2010

"Listen! the wind is rising,
and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings,
now for October eves!"

- Humbert Wolfe

jigsaw puzzle, completed

"In a touch of nature
the whole world is kin."

- John Muir, nature conservationist

Hans Hoffmann, 1530 - 1591
a Prague artist

New Moon
"The bright, thin, moon appears.
Tipped askew in the heavens.
It no sooner shines over
The ruined fortress than the
Evening clouds overwhelm it.
The Milky Way shines unchanging
Over the freezing mountains
Of the border. White frost covers
The garden. The chrysanthemums
Clot and freeze in the night."

- Tu Fu, a Chinese poet

artist: Qin Xing, Chinese artist

There comes a time
autumn asks,
'What have you been doing
all summer?'

artist: John Atkinson Grimshaw

"For Man, autumn is a time of harvest,
of gathering together.
For Nature, it is a time of sowing,
of scattering abroad."

- Edwin Way Teale

"In the Orchard" by Franz Dvorak, 1912
courtesy of

"Thy bounty shines in autumn unconfined
And spreads a common feast
for all that live."

 - James Thomson

artist: Mr. Ou Yang, a Chinese painter

"With all things
in all things,
we are relatives."

- Sioux Proverb

In His hands

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