Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A view of China, Part I

"He Ping"

(Chinese for 'Peace')

painting by Judith Stein

I have recently been having more frequent viewers from China.
I also found several cool Chinese mermaids in a mermaid search.
I have always loved Chinese food and Chinese arts.
This all sparked an idea to do a feature blog on China.

Chinese watercolor

Since China is the world's most populous country,
with a population of over 1.35 billion...
China is the second largest country by land area -
9.6 million square kilometers to be exact...
China's civilization is one of the world's earliest -
China is the world's fastest growing major economy....

I think I would have to write a book, not a blog!

found on

Oh well, you know me, I have to jump right in anyway!!

Just a note here - 

to all my Chinese followers, 
whether you live in China or not!

(and over 40 million do not!)

Chinese Lucky Cat keychain

So, where to start?
I think FOOD, don't you?

The Traditional Chinese Feast

I found LOTS of information at this site:

Chinese take-out felt patterns

For Chinese people, food is an important form of greeting.
If you visit a Chinese household you may often hear
"Have you eaten?"

Dim Sum foods felt patterns,
including Buns SiuMai, wontons, spring roll, fried dumpling and rice dumplings.

China has many different regions.
Think 'states' here in the USA.
Just as American Southern food is very different from let's say
the state of Maine's food, so does Chinese food vary from region to region.


Some popular cuisines that we find here in the USA:
Dim Sum
Szechaun, (sometimes spelled Sichuan)

'the third series of Chinese food'

I moved a LOT until after my college years.
One of the first goals my mom had, I think, 
was to find the perfect Chinese restaurant in each city.
She was really good at it!
And so, I grew up eating Chinese food.
No take-out, no Chow Mein, but the real stuff!

(Mom's second goal I think was to find the best doughnut shop!)

Rose Chinese tea pot, Qing Dynasty

Tea is a part of every day life in China.

tea dao

For example, a part of a Chinese wedding ceremony is the serving of tea.
The bride and groom serve tea to their parents,
as a sign of appreciation.

traditional Chinese marriage dress

Well, that does it for today, and I still feel like I have barely touched 
on the subjects I have shared!

Coming soon:

the Panda bear
Chinese paper dolls
the Dragon Festival
coloring and maze pages
Chinese mermaids!
and another favorite of mine - Chinese paper cutting

til then,
and on pinterest:  kkloberdans

c. 1917 vintage song sheet cover
courtesy Indiana music libraries

some of the web sites I visited for information and graphics:

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