Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A view of China, Part I

"He Ping"

(Chinese for 'Peace')

painting by Judith Stein

I have recently been having more frequent viewers from China.
I also found several cool Chinese mermaids in a mermaid search.
I have always loved Chinese food and Chinese arts.
This all sparked an idea to do a feature blog on China.

Chinese watercolor

Since China is the world's most populous country,
with a population of over 1.35 billion...
China is the second largest country by land area -
9.6 million square kilometers to be exact...
China's civilization is one of the world's earliest -
China is the world's fastest growing major economy....

I think I would have to write a book, not a blog!

found on

Oh well, you know me, I have to jump right in anyway!!

Just a note here - 

to all my Chinese followers, 
whether you live in China or not!

(and over 40 million do not!)

Chinese Lucky Cat keychain

So, where to start?
I think FOOD, don't you?

The Traditional Chinese Feast

I found LOTS of information at this site:

Chinese take-out felt patterns

For Chinese people, food is an important form of greeting.
If you visit a Chinese household you may often hear
"Have you eaten?"

Dim Sum foods felt patterns,
including Buns SiuMai, wontons, spring roll, fried dumpling and rice dumplings.

China has many different regions.
Think 'states' here in the USA.
Just as American Southern food is very different from let's say
the state of Maine's food, so does Chinese food vary from region to region.


Some popular cuisines that we find here in the USA:
Dim Sum
Szechaun, (sometimes spelled Sichuan)

'the third series of Chinese food'

I moved a LOT until after my college years.
One of the first goals my mom had, I think, 
was to find the perfect Chinese restaurant in each city.
She was really good at it!
And so, I grew up eating Chinese food.
No take-out, no Chow Mein, but the real stuff!

(Mom's second goal I think was to find the best doughnut shop!)

Rose Chinese tea pot, Qing Dynasty

Tea is a part of every day life in China.

tea dao

For example, a part of a Chinese wedding ceremony is the serving of tea.
The bride and groom serve tea to their parents,
as a sign of appreciation.

traditional Chinese marriage dress

Well, that does it for today, and I still feel like I have barely touched 
on the subjects I have shared!

Coming soon:

the Panda bear
Chinese paper dolls
the Dragon Festival
coloring and maze pages
Chinese mermaids!
and another favorite of mine - Chinese paper cutting

til then,
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c. 1917 vintage song sheet cover
courtesy Indiana music libraries

some of the web sites I visited for information and graphics:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Dogs are natural comics!

Howdy - doo!

American slang for 'how are you?'

Today I want to share with you some silly cats....
....and some silly dogs!

Ah, the inner workings of a pet's mind.
Who can tell what they are really thinking?

Day 983

Sometimes their little jokes are misunderstood....

Sometimes their thoughts can get sinister....

but really, it's all a misunderstanding!

But that's okay! We LOVE to make up!

Sometimes pets have to remind their people what the rules are:

Sometimes they put up with their silly people with great patience...

But when all is said and done,
we love them to bits,
with all of their oddities, and quirks
and silly sense of humor!

Here's to the life of a well-treated pet!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Jewelry Juicy and inkspired 'splainin'

"Blue Tears"
bead woven necklace, an inkspired original design


I have been busy recently, with my etsy shop re-opening.

Lots of picture re-sizing, cropping and adding copyright and shop address labels.

"Fuchsia Ruffle" crochet-look bracelet

I have been digging into my jewelry storage area, picking and choosing and measuring for etsy listing.

"A Breath of Fresh Air" hand beaded daisy chain necklace

I have to slip in and grab computer time in between my husband looking for a job.
In a way, it will be nice when he gets a job
and leaves every day and then comes home.
I miss my alone time with my blog, my etsy stores,
keeping up with e-mail
and searching Google!

Toy Story Aliens
recycled junk mail bottle cap magnets

Ah, I see a photo I need to add my inkspired credit to!!

Back to jewelry:

"Netted Blues" necklace

I purchased this lovely strand of graduated blues glass drop beads at a bead show.
I made my first necklace,
then I had enough beads for a second,
and finally one more!
Here is the third:

"Denim Blues" netted necklace

I really like etsy to sell hand made items.
They are so easy to work with.
It is just amazing to me the amount of $$$ they do each day!

Today I guess I am self-tooting!
(as opposed to self-touting....)

Chihuahua recycled junk mail bottle cap magnet that really holds!

Oh, yea, another photo to add info to....

"Garden in Pink" one of a kind beaded bracelet

I have fun creating titles/names for my creations.
I think I get a glimpse of what it must be like
for those people who come up with lipstick shades!

So, how does one become a 'makeup' naming specialist?
I must have zoned during that career choice day.....

assorted daisy chains and original design daisy necklaces by inkspired

Here's a little side-note funny:
I was typing up a paper the other day,
and could not spell 

I am so ingrained to typing


"Fairy Bubbles" netted necklace
original design by inkspired

Have any of you ever wondered how I came up with
"inkspired" as a tag name?

It came about around 29 years ago or so,
prob'ly even 31 yrs.!
I was teaching myself to rubber stamp
(no stores or home parties back then)
and came across this wonderful magazine:


(That was the cover for the issue that had a theme of
"Hark the Herald Angels Sing" I think....)

...super, bizarre, fun humor!
Lots of techniques to explore!
A plethora of Rubber Stamp stores and sites to visit!

a RubberStampMadness entry, Corvallis, OR

they have a free place in the back to advertise if you want to find stamping pen pals, birthdays, anniversaries...
I sent in a request for pen pals, and kind of fell in to
'inkspired' !!
Some of my pals shortened it to 'inky' or 'inks',
but there were other stampers with that name,
or close to.
No other inkspireds!

Summer 2013, issue 180 Front cover art by Susan Schuler

So, I became 'inkspired'.
inky fingers, love to stamp, love reading, altered books, etc.
I have registered the name,
missed having it my domain name by 24 hours! (grrrr..)
I do have a domain name of 'myinkspired'.

original die cut blank notecard by inkspired

Well, that's it for today folks!
I have more 'jewelry juicy' listings to add to my etsy shop:

Have a super, duper day
and don't forget to make someone else laugh!!

and on pinterest:   kkloberdans

"Pink Garden" fluffy bracelet and
"Pink with Dice" fluffy bracelet

Monday, August 12, 2013

wedding finery

1942 wedding dress

Today I have just a few minutes but I wanted to check in with you all and say


bridal shower ideas

I am helping two friends with their back yard wedding tomorrow. It has been way fun doing planning, making decorations, etc.

Of course, my kitchen table is currently covered with silk flowers, wire nippers, ribbons, bows, butterflies of metal and silk, swaths of tulle.....
Yep, a real 'explosion' of wedding decor!

So, today let's share a bit about weddings, things I like, fun photos I have found, etc.

c.1908 song sheet cover art
courtesy Indiana Music Libraries

c. 1909 song sheet cover art

Let's look at some pretty, with non-traditional colors, wedding dresses!

This beauty was found at

Here's another red color scheme:

Sorry, don't have any info on where I found this one.

I think that one is very elegant looking.
What do you think?
Do you like the latest fashion trends of non-traditional white or ivory
for a wedding dress?

by Stephane Rolland

This one is a 'color dipped' type dress, with the concentration of color at the very bottom.
I can't say I like it very much, how about you?

Just please, please, don't make the color a bright yellow,
with dreams of Big Bird....

This next one HAS to be a favorite, as it has a mermaid theme!

mermaid scales wedding dress

I would wear that one to a cruise ship evening attire event,
or a fancy ball.
Maybe not for a wedding dress...

Here is my idea for a Mermaid Wedding Dress: 

original Collage Art Doll recycled junk mail paper collage by inkspired

I had fun adding the sea shells, star fish, pearls and strands of 'beaded' sea weed to this dress.  Of course, she IS a mermaid, so her wedding tiara
is fresh from the ocean!

Next is a lovely dress that reminds me of fireflies on a summer evening:

light-up dress

I think perfect for an evening garden party!

Here is one for a December wedding:

a custom made wedding dress

"Love isn't a state of perfect caring.
It is an active noun like struggle.
To love someone is to strive 
to accept that person 
exactly the way he or she is.
right here
and now."

 Mr. Rogers, "The World According to Mister Rogers"

Celebrities have loved colorful weddings for ages.
Here are a few old and new:

Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky

Elizabeth Taylor was wed several times in wedding dresses with color.
Here are a couple more:

Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

More recently we have Jessica Biel:

a pink ombre dress, Jessica Biel

and Melissa Gilbert:

Melissa Gilbert

and Gwen Stefani:

Gwen Stefani

and Nas and Kelis:

Kelis wedding dress

"May your day be filled with blessings
Like the sun that lights the sky,
And may you always have the courage
To spread your wings and fly!"

- traditional Irish Blessing

acrylic on wood two turtle doves

May your day be filled with joy,

and on pinterest:

"A stroll through Cantebury Park"
original Collage Paper Painting by inkspired