Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hula Party Time

It's time to hula!!!

Yes, it's true....
I have my computer back!!

vintage giggles hula girl

And what could be more fun to celebrate than

a hula party??!!!

salt and pepper shakers offered at

"I don't know why my brain
has kept all the words to the
Gilligan's Island theme song
and has deleted
about triangles."

- Jeff Foxworthy

Ginger (Tina Louise), Mary Ann (Dawn Wells) 
and Mrs. Lovely Howell (Natalie Schafer)

made in Japan, 1950'2 hula girl

It feels so great to have my OWN pictures and clip back!

I feel like having a party!
And what better kind of party than a Hula Girl Party!

Oh, yes, the guys are invited too!

Junior Keiki, 2009

"How I wish
that somewhere there existed
an island
for those who are
and of good will."

- Albert Einstein

hula and palm tree card

Hula photo props

Let's make some costumes!!

digital clipart for sale at

1. Grass Skirts
You can be as fancy or simple as you wish. 
I am always partial to handmade and home made costumes. 
If you just CAN'T do that, and don't have anyone to do it for you,
 check out the dollar stores!! You just might find a pre-made one!
Any costume shop should be able to help you, and there are numerous shops online that can supply you.

1a. Make your own Grass Skirts
Yes, you really can! and it's pretty simple.
For kids, gather an old pair of underwear: still usable, but ratty.
Cut strips of brown paper bags about 1" - 2".
Leaving a 1" width at the top, you can cut each individual strip as thin as you want, into as many strips as you want.
Fold over the top 1/2". 
 Fold over underwear, so the long strands hang down on the outside.
Get out the stapler!
You are going to staple each strip, folded over, to the underwear.
ALWAYS place staples so the smooth side is on the inside,
and the 'rough' side of the staple is on the outside.
Stretch the underwear elastic as you go.

1b: Same technique, only use ribbons of different widths!

Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii
Dover paper doll from 'The Empresses" paper doll book

*Measure and Cut a length of 1 1/2"  - 3" ribbon to fit around the inside and/or the outside of the grass skirt. This will cover up those staples! For little ones, it also will help to prevent any staple 'accidents'.
Remember, the elastic is going to stretch.

*If using brown paper bags, have the kids color 'grass' colors on the bag before cutting! If the kids are old enough, let them practice their scissor skills to cut the bags for themselves. As always, help out as needed.

*Add silk flowers to the top! This will also cover up the staples, and make things festive!

vintage Kliban Cat mug

2. Hula tops
Swimsuit tops are always perfect for the girls.
So are tank tops, or any top that is not too 'flow-y'.
You don't want a swishy skirt with a big shirt, or you will look like

a Giant Beached Hula Monster!

For the guys:
Go Hawaiian shirts!!!
You can also wear 'muscle' shirts,
or a t-shirt with the arms cut off.
You get the idea!
Don't have a Hawaiian shirt?
Check out your local thrift shop - they will!
Get out your plain shirt, and have your kids draw flowers on it with
permanent markers
fabric paints.

tip: always put a piece of large cardboard inside the shirt before you start drawing. This will prevent ugly bleed through to the other side!

Hawaiian shirt from the 1970's at

Elvis Presley in his Hawaiian shirt

found at

I love those pineapples!!

Floral shorts are always in style, but if you can't find any in your closet,
wear plain colors like beige and khaki.
Unless of course you have a great pair that are bright colors!
Swim trunks are always fashionable,
as long as
they are the kind with longer pant legs.

This is not the time to wear your racing trunks,
or your thong trunks!!!

tee hee

salt and pepper hula singers

and YES, guys look cool in hula skirts too!!


I have put in past blogs how to make a lei, so just type in my search box
 "lei" and you will find that tutorial.
Don't forget, your local hobby store with its' wide selection of 
silk flowers and leaves is your friend!!

I also have a couple of other, older blogs on hula, 
so be sure and check them out too!!

I even have another grass skirt tutorial in a past blog!!

Can you tell I like Polynesian Luau Parties?
That I think the art of 'hula' is fascinating?
That silk flowers go with everything?


Besides, any time I get to wear flowers around my neck is a good time!

vintage needlepoint at

vintage Hula pillow dolls


and on pinterest:  kkloberdans

"Sashay with dog"
original Collage Art Doll
using all recycled junk mail
by inkspired

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