Sunday, June 16, 2013


hee, hee, hee....

Today is a giggle day!

Sometimes you just need to giggle with a friend...

...and sometimes you can laugh all by yourself!

"Laughing in Leather"
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

Sometimes someone else makes you laugh!

and sometimes you just have to laugh on your own!

giggles on

Yeah! Kermit's happy at work!
(note the friends array under the monitor)

Sometimes you get something that
tickles your funny bone!

vintage photo bear and man wrestling

Sometimes you see something that makes you giggle!

baby elephant,

c.1913 song sheet cover

shaming moments:

"Mother says 'eat your vegetables'!"
original Collage Art Doll from all recycled junk mail

A picture can bring funny memories...

Lucy Ball on the chocolate factory line...

Toy Aliens from Toy Story
recycled bottlecaps with recycled junk mail humor

'Silly Lips' Zeus , a rescued Great Dane sweetie

computer pad

Funny, funny movie
"Moon Over Parador"

...but sometimes sleep brings giggles too!

giggles on

So remember,
no matter where you are...

Dhakija (Swahili for 'curious') peeking at
The Erfurt Zoo, Germany, 7/30/2012
photo cred: Candy Welz

"Walkin' the Dog"
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired
using all recycled junk mail and kitschy humor

...or what you hear...

wild boar in Thailand on truck transport
photo cred: Sukree Sukplang

"There was an old pig from New York
Who dined without knife, spoon or fork.
Each time he ate peas,
They rolled down to his knees -
That pea-splattered pig from New York!"

- from the book The Book of Pigericks by Arnold Lobel

...or what you are doing...

Why yes, I am up to something...

c.1910 vintage song sheet cover

Tanner and "OH Nooooo....Mr. Bill!"

...or who you are with...

...there's always something to giggle about!!

tee, hee, hee......

'til next time....

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