Friday, May 24, 2013

yellow bugs and humor galore


greeting card made with kirigami purple cutting and stamped, colored and cut out fish
by inkspired

I have been working in my etsy shop:

and visiting some of my followers.

I have found just some terrific finds that I have been pinning on my various boards on pinterest.  You can find me  with this: kkloberdans
This one went on my board: "Tea for you and me"

garden hanging tea light

Don't know what pinterest is? Go to and plan to spend a bit of time! It has soooo many interesting things to find! There's humor (which I will discuss more in a bit) and crafts, and tutorials on everything, and recipes, and patterns for just about everything, and gardens and international sites, and...well, the list just goes on!

name painting by

So, in my browsing, I found the most HILARIOUS and just plain old fun shop:

If you are needing a bit of humor in your day
love sarcastic humor
are in the witness protection program
know someone too geeky to even explain

then this shop is for you!!!

computer mouse pad

Here is their Profile on Etsy information. I thought it was so funny I have just copied it all for you!


“Honey! We need to write a bio about us for the Etsy Shop!”

“Oh, great. You know how upset the Witness Protection Program people get when we publish anything.”

“Well, they can just get over it. Etsians want to know who we are and what we do. We don’t have to tell them about the episode in Jakarta.” 

“Fair enough. What should we talk about?”

“We could tell them that we’re college sweethearts and have been married since the Reagan administration. Or we could tell them that we’re hopelessly addicted to Looney Tunes, Mythbusters and Monty Python. Or tell them that you’ve been doing technology and I’ve been doing crafts for thirty years.”

"That makes us sound like we're old as dirt."

"We ARE old as dirt!"

“But we don't need to tell the whole world about it. Leave all that out. How about telling them the story of how you named the shop?”

“You mean how my mother taught me and our children how to cherish their individuality and uniqueness by telling them that while little yellow bugs were cute, the world would be pretty boring if EVERY car was a little yellow bug?”

“On second thought, that's so mushy it makes my teeth hurt. How about telling them how you were one of the first employees at the original Michael's store?”

“Michaels, Schmichaels. Who cares? Let's tell them something current. How about telling them that as our nest empties, we’re getting even crazier and having fun embarrassing our children?”

“Nobody would believe it. Empty Nesters are supposed to be sitting in recliners and yelling at the TV news. We don’t even own a recliner.”

“This is harder than I thought.”

“You’re right. Maybe we should tell them about Jakarta.”

“OK. <sigh> We’ve been wanting to move again anyway. So, Etsians, when were were secret agents during the Cold War, we tailed our target to Jakarta and -”


{the end}

I saw that they have a blog also.

Too fun!

Here is one of the blog entries I found. I thought it was funny enough to share with you all.


Playing cards?

"So we're working on updating our shipping prices in the Etsy store, and in the process we are discovering some interesting things about the morals, politics and idiocracy of  Customs rules.  Here's a little sampler of true, actual Customs regulations:

  • You can't ship melatonin to Germany.  Apparently the German government is afraid that it's population might get sleepy and fall into the gears at the factory.  Which makes a real mess and slows down production.
  • If one of your Albanian relatives asks you send them them the toothbrush they left at your place over the holidays, don't even try to send it.  Albania strictly forbids the shipment of anything that's been used.  Extravagant clothes are also verboten.  So Levis good, Prada, not so much.
  • You can't ship Uncle Hassien's cremated remains back to the family farm in Algeria if they are in a funeral urn.  Just put him in a cereal box and everything will be fine.
  • It's illegal to ship bananas to Armenia.
  • Aussies don't want your used bedding. Ever.
  • Shipping pink Quinine to Bangladesh will get you in a lot of trouble.  Blue, red, polka dotted or plaid Quinine is apparently OK.
  • The government of Belgium will be very upset with you if you try to send a used ink cartridge to them.
  • Do not send a fancy greeting card that sings 'Happy Birthday" to a relative in Bulgaria.
  • You can't mail margarine to Canada.  Really.
So this has us through the letter C, and the rest of the world promises even more entertaining  regulation.  Stand by for next post.

Oh, and by the way, don't try to send the 6 of Spades to Germany.  Gunplay could ensue."

I hope you have found some humor to make it through the rest of the day - Who knows? Maybe even through the rest of the week.....
Oh yeah, it's Friday!!!


"Office Lunch Break"
original one of a kind Collage Art Doll art, using all recycled junk mail!

Have a super duper day!!

...and isn't 'galore' a wonderful word?!
and on pinterest: kkloberdans

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