Sunday, February 3, 2013

Valentine Paper Doll Fun

Valentine Paper Doll Fun

Today I want to share some Paper Doll Fun with a Valentine Theme.

So we will start off with a Turtle of Love!!!

This is a great paper doll to make your own 'shells' for!
Just trace around the outside of one of the costumes,
and you have the area for you to draw in.

Here's another fun paper doll -

c. Satumaa, 2004
that means you can use this for personal use only
found on

I love her little bloomer undies,
and the hearts on the cooking apron!

printable valentine card from the Denver Zoo

Since I've started with funny animal Valentines,
here's another!


I do love piggies!
I have seriously considered a Vietnamese pot bellied pig to adopt.
Unfortunately, my husband did not take it serious!
That's okay.

Here's a cute lil' kittie -
I have a note on this file 'orr'.
That could be the name of the artist, not sure.


Those look like fuzzy hearts to me!
Don't forget, you can easily personalize printed valentines with 
some glue and flocking.
You can also add your own stickers,
or embellish with markers!

Wouldn't she look lovely with some glitter in her feather,
or a 'real' pearl stick on or two in her hair decoration?
Put little dots of glitter glue in the center of the blue flowers....
what can you come up with?

You can have some fun with this Valentine Card paper doll -

If mailing this Barbie Beauty,
include some stickers!
This base doll also is a great one to make your own clothes with,
the body shape is a good one.
I would cut slits along her shoulders up to her neck
for easier clothes placement.
You can slip the tabs under her hair then.
Here's another Valentine card to send -

This one has a notation that says 'peltier bear'.
There is a note on the card that it is from Current,
so for personal use only.

and my last Valentine card for today -

I would have loved to receive this when I was a girl!
If you can fit it into your envelope, or use a padded envy,
include an inexpensive package of crayons too!

Here are a couple more pictures for your own
handmade valentines,
see the directions in yesterday's 2/2/13 blog
My Funny Valentine

Hope you are entering into the spirit of LOVE!!

until next blog,

 a matroyshka doll card created by inkspired,
pattern from 'Papercrafting in No Time'
by Sandra Lounsbury Foose

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