Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Funny Valentine

from a series of Valentines that are down loadable from the Denver Zoo

I'm starting a series on Valentine's Day!
I have crafts
safety pin patterns
coloring pages
LOTS of paper dolls
including paper doll cards
funny vintage valentines
iris folding patterns
humorous photos
including animals and celebrities
etsy treasures
and lots more!

In fact, I have been having so much fun gathering things,
I better get to posting!!

This is a vintage valentine, 
but I apologize I do not know the source where I gathered it.

Today's theme is


So, get your grin on, and let's go!

 I have this listed as 'Danish', and I found it on

Not sure what the above is, but it made me laugh!
The Valentine outfit looks like a horse -
of a different color, of course!
(kudos to Wizard of Oz)

this one is noted as "free vintage kids valentines cards".

This next Funny Valentine is a project for you to do
for your best-est Valentine:

Great for any cat lover,
or that quirky friend of yours
come up with your own!

How to:
Really, I bet you can figure this one out.
It involves heavy cardstock or foam core board
LOTS of wiggly eyes,
glue (I like Aleene's Tacky Glue in the Gold Bottle)
and a favorite photo!
Have fun!

free printable Valentine from the Denver Zoo

This next one is a glimpse into the way I see the world,
definitely 'quirky' I guess!

The above vintage song sheet cover I tweaked a bit,
a little color changing, and a bit of a crop.

This one is the 'original' copy from 
The University of Indiana Music Library.
The web site address is on the right of my blog.

Now, why do I have this as a 'Funny Valentine'?
The lady looks to me like anything BUT a kissing girl!!!
In fact, she looks a little, shall we say,
blase' and bored?!

a retro owl card, inkspired made from a pattern in
"Papercrafting In No Time"
by Sandra Lounsbury Foose.

She is my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE designer, and I have all her books!

I plan on adding inside such original verse as:

"Owl be looking for you
this Valentine's Day!"


"Owl be giving you my heart
this Valentine's Day!"

What do you think?
I'm thinking it's pretty good!

retro owl card by inkspired
pattern from "Papercrafting In No time"

a silly Valentine courtesy of Dover Books

free printable Valentine from the Denver Zoo

Here are a few 'funny' pictures,
for you to use when making your own Valentines!
Each photo made me chuckle,
I hope you do too!
Ah, the possibilities......

photo by inkspired, The Denver Zoo

Jed and Granny

juvenile orangutan

'Lipstick Break' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

What funny sayings can you add to those?

vintage Valentine from

Yes, it's that time again...
time to end this blog!
I will continue my Funny Valentine blogs
so don't cry!

or find me on pinterest: kkloberdans

and don't forget to laugh today,
and then share it!

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