Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home Run to Valentine's Day!

Welcome to my last Valentine's Day blog for the year!
I sure have had fun!

vintage song sheet cover, c.1912

Today will be a mish-mash of fun things I have wanted to share,
but just haven't had the time!

let's gooooooo

(my favorite phrase in the Peter Pan's Flight Ride at DisneyLand!)

"Camellia Girl", Alice Gratz artist

'Polly Pratt Had a Valentine', by Sheila Young

If you have twitchy fingers tonight,
and want to do some last minute Valentines,
here are a few ideas!

found on Martha Stewart Crafts site

I cannot take any credit for this really cute idea!
You can find the full instructions on Martha Stewart's web site.
I can tell you it involves 
a circle of felt
typed or hand written little notes
and mini kisses if you want.
Super easy.
Very unique!

Here's another Quick and Easy but Super Unique Valentine -
one that even the boys can give away!!

found on

Now how cute is that?
I'm thinking black cardstock,
(because construction paper has a way of bleeding...)
print out your words
have your kid help hand write them,
a hole punch,
attach a 'Dum Dum' sucker with a bit of tape -
or even better rubber cement
off you go to the Class party!

If you have little girls at the age of paper dolls
and of course I think that is at any age....

Try one of these for Valentine's Day cards!

Joan Walsh Anglund - a wonderful artist!

Mary Engelbreit - another favorite!

Note the addition of a Chinese New Year costume!
(We are in the Year of the Snake, or Little Dragon now).

a cutie I found at

Do you have treats you need to supply at the school party?
Want to do a little something fun for the office?
Know a shut-in who would love a little Valentine Love?
Here we gooooo.....

I do not have a credit for this yummy photo,
but let's break it down.

Candy pokes or plastic toothpicks
assorted sprinkles and chopped nuts
candy melts in different colors/flavors.

You can get the first 3 items at your local hobby store like Michael's.

individual Caramels
(oh, you know where to get those!)

Carefully melt some different colors/flavors of the Candy Melts (like Wilton's)
in a zip lock plastic bag in the microwave.
Don't do a huge batch, just a few to start.
Don't cook too long!
Stir well.
(you can do this by squishing the bag around in your hands)

Stick a toothpick in a caramel,
room temp works best,
and then dip each caramel into the (melted) candy melts .
Quickly dip ends into the sprinkles or chopped nuts.
Set on rack to dry/harden.
(waxed paper underneath to catch drips...)
They will harden very quickly if you put them into the freezer,
or quickly if you put them into the refrigerator.

Now, take a contrasting color of candy melt,
melted in the zip lock baggie,
and snip a TINY corner off the bottom.
You can then drizzle this color on top of plain caramels,
caramels dipped in a different color candy melt,
or on top of the chopped nuts.
Refer to the photo above!

It took a lot of 'splainin',
but it goes super fast, and really is easy.
The big danger with these is over cooking the melts in the microwave.
No microwave?
You can easily use a double boiler instead.
No double boiler? Make a substitute -
One large saucepan and one smaller saucepan.
Put in an inch or so of water in the larger one, bring to boil.
Reduce heat. 
Place smaller saucepan inside, drop in candy melts and melt.
Stir frequently, and keep the steam away from the melts!
I like to use plastic spatulas to stir.

These look really pretty on a paper doily on a paper plate,
or one each in a candy wrapper cup (Wilton's).

Since I've been talking chocolate,
here is a tutorial I found on pinterest,
on Janelle Cataldo's board-

How cool is that?!!

Remember this for Easter,
you could fill the bowls with jelly beans
or little Peeps and green coconut

a matroyshka doll card made by inkspired
from Sandra Lounsbury Foose's
"Papercrafting In No Time"

Nerdy Mug by

Here's another simple food idea for a Valentine's Party.

Better Homes & Gardens web site

frost the cake white and use red and pink suckers

frost the cake white, and use pastel suckers for Easter or Spring parties!

Want a 'cleaner' Party?
Use Red and Pink Tootsie Roll Pops in their wrappers!
blue and pink
or pastel Tootsie Roll Pops (yes, they make them!)...
how about white cake with green suckers for Saint Patrick's Day?
your imagination is the limit with this very simple and easy idea!

a Kokeshi Valentine Doll by Jacque Davis

vintage valentine found on

I'll finish up with a few coloring pages.
Print off multiples,
as those kids high on chocolate are going to get bored easily
and need a 
'let's quiet down now' activity!

and maybe you do too....

all courtesy of Dover Publications

and one from Jan Brett's web site
which is FULL of other great fun...

Have a super sweet rest-of-the-day!

pinterest - karenkloberdans
vintage Valentine

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  1. love what you bloged. it was sweet for Valentines day. please check your e-mail.
    i am going to try some of the things I saw here. I work with chocolate. so if you need recipes i be glad to send you some recipe.

    Just want to say thank you