Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Feelin' a bit o' Green

found on

I'm Feeling a Little Green today!

I've been looking for shamrocks and Celtic designs and Irish Song Sheets...

Feelin' Green!!

a Celtic applique found on ebay
also found it as a decal

'Forest Dew' beaded necklace set by inkspired

Oh, I'm really NOT complaining!
As long as you don't make me smell Green beer.....
don't even think about me drinking green beer....

fairy tale bloom crepe paper and netting flower

2003 Birthday Stone Barbie, May - Emerald

(You knew I'd get in at least ONE Barbie...)

Gone With The Wind Barbie in infamous 'Drapery Dress'

a beautiful rubber stamped scene from:

"May the Lord keep you in His hand,
And never close His fist too tight."

- Irish Blessing

matroyshka doll note card, by inkspired
pattern from 'Paper Crafting in No Time'.

I can't think about Saint Patrick's Day
or Ireland
without thinking about shamrocks.
Also known as

real four-leaf clover earrings

The Four Leaf Clover is considered by many to be 'lucky'.
In reference to 'shamrock' it is almost always a three-leaf.

botanical clover

oxalis-shamrock plant found on

'shamrock' party banner


vintage St. Patrick's Day cherub

real four-leaf clover in resin necklace

"Ireland is where
strange tales begin and
happy endings
are possible."

- Charles Haughey, London, July 14, 1988


I have lots more GREEN things to share,
and IRISH things to share,
and IRISH PAPER DOLLS to share!

But not today!
See you again soon....

and find me on PINTEREST too!
K. Kloberdans

"Beachy Stripes" on green,
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

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