Monday, December 3, 2012

Ornaments to Give, Ornaments to Make


angel ornaments from valche, etsy

Today is going to be a simple blog, as the internet is acting up,
and I am getting ready to leave on a trip!

However, I thought you might like to make a few ornaments
for both yourself,
and to give.

I mostly want to inspire you,
rather than give you detailed directions.
Check out the photos,
check out the etsy shops,
and then play!

glitter animal cut outs

I encourage you to support the etsy artists -
you will find wonderful bargains there!

Holly ornament beaded covers, Bead & Button, 2010 I think.

not sure where I found this -
Here's a vintage graphic to get you started!

From the floral department:

again, not sure where, but what a beautiful, simple design!

creations with paper:

from an old Jack and Jill magazine - try using old greeting cards for the strips!

(unknown) Use a glue pen and Fun Flocking on a clear ball. Inside each  swirl, glue a rhinestone, or use self stick jewels.

dried red and green peppers to use in cooking.

Why not try candied orange/lemon/lime peel?

customize this with your own colored paint stripes, and your own confetti!

Memories of a beach vacation...

Use metallic Paint Pens to draw on your own designs.
For your tea lovers:
Filled with enough tea for one pot!

Well, that should be enough to inspire you to make at least a few simple ornaments to hang on your tree or to give away.  A handmade ornament and a plate of holiday cookies goes a long way in neighbor relations!

See you in a week!

I would LOVE if you sent me some photos of your own handmade creations!

I am particularly interested in how you celebrate a Christmas Around the World.


notecards by inkspired
Collage Art Dolls

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