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Holiday Gift Guide: magnetic paperdolls around the globe


'Peace' in Arabic,
spoken in Oman
in Qatar

Welcome to my readers in Oman and Qatar!

Children of the World paper doll assortment

Today I'd like to introduce to you a most wonderful set of paperdolls that I discovered on www.etsy.com

If you have never browsed around on etsy, today is your day to do that!

I have 2 shops on the etsy site:

I decided to have 2 different shops to focus on my paper-related items
(scherensnitte, Collage Art Dolls, Collage Paper Painting and original cards)

set of 4 Collage Art Doll notecards

and my other shop features recycled junk mail, primarily in
bottlecap magnets
and other recycled art, such as my Rock Painting
and my domino magnet painting and stamping and hand beaded jewelry.

recycled bottlecap magnet art

...and yeah, I have lots more too!!

hand beaded woven necklace

today I want to let you in on a secret....
okay, maybe not so secret....

Etsy has FANTASTIC artists with INCREDIBLE items for sale!


I found AmariasPaperWorks one day while I was looking for paper dolls on etsy.
Wow, I was impressed.
I was able to add one of Amaria's magnetic paper doll sets into a treasury that I had put together called "Paper Doll Parade".

'Australia Outback' set of basic dolls

Autralia Outback costumes

Keep in mind, I tend to put items into my treasuries that I would like to have myself!

'the Netherlands' dolls w traditional costumes

I sent a little note to Amaria to let her know that I had placed one of her paperdoll sets into a treasury, and how much I liked her paper dolls.
  She sent me the nicest note back.
Things progressed with a few e-mails back and forth,
with me drooling on the keyboard over these super fun magnetic paperdolls.

I want some....

(with a super high-pitched whiny voice....)

some of Amaria's Fairy Tale costumes, with a custom face

Amaria's Paperdolls are a thick pressed-board type of material doll.
There is a long magnet on the back, so you can play with her dolls on any magnetic surface.


The thicker construction makes these perfect for little hands to play with,
without bent necks and torn hands, etc.!

Amaria was such an incredible sweetie and offered to send me....

wait for it...

a free set of her paperdolls!!!

Indonesian Paper Dolls in traditional clothing,
with around the world Paper Dolls in various outfits in background.

After picking myself up from the floor, I sent an enthusiastic

Autumn and Winter clothing sets, www.AmariasPaperWorks.etsy.com

Next, she asks me which set would I like?
Which set?
Is she crazy?


Boy's dress up costumes

After much consideration and gnashing of teeth and more drooling
and a bit of whining to myself,
this is the set I chose:

Malaysia, Amaria' Paper Works native costume dolls

It was really really hard to choose, as there were truly so many to pick from.
Like these:



My Fun set of Amaria's Paperdolls arrived with not only the national costumes,
but with 'play' clothes also. They looked similar to this:

Play clothes, with Inuit paper dolls

or these:

play clothes, with New Zealand paper dolls

I am so happy with them!

But wait....

there's more...

Amaria also sent me an additional set of fairy tale clothes,
the set above!!!

Okay, now I'm really having fun!

Amaria also offers custom listings, where you can personalize dolls with your own photos. Here are a few examples:

She even does babies!!

and special party sets!

So, I think you can see now why I am really excited
about this wonderful etsy find!

I have been thinking about my Christmas list this year...
more on that later!

I hope you are having a wonderful day,
and will have some time to explore the world of etsy soon.


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