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Last minute Halloween decorating ideas




Two ways to say 'peace' in Cyprus

Baris is Turkish - spoken in the northern part of Cyprus

and Irini is Greek - spoken in the southern part of Cyprus

bottlecap magnet using all recycled junk mail

Let's have some Halloween-y Autumn Fun today!

c.1911, courtesy of Indiana Music Library

Here are some last minute ways to decorate for Fall Festivities:

I subscribe to several magazines, so I don't remember which one I saw this following idea in. The decorating note was to display your jewelry, and the accompanying photo was of a large marble bust of someone like Caesar, or some other Roman - type famous person. They had draped around the neck this incredibly fantastic necklace.

Well, marble busts are not part of my home decor.
Go figure....

What I do have is a fairly plain teapot.
I took this photo out in my garden,
but having it in the display case would still work.
So here is my adaptation:

netted butterfly necklace by inkspired

Here's another idea:

Kind of fun, isn't it?

I also like the idea of having my handmade jewelry on display.

Here's another super-easy Halloween decorating idea -
black silk leaves.

silk leaves by inkspired

I went to JoAnn Fabrics (or any crafts type store would do) and found these bamboo-type reeds. They were red, with black stripes randomly placed.
You could use any reed probably. I found mine in the flower dept.

I also found some black silk leaves with glitter sprinkled on them in the discount bargain shelves.

I cut my reeds into workable flower arranging sizes, but not all the same size.
Then I took off the black silk leaves from their stems.
Ok, here comes the hard part....

I stuck the leaves onto the end of the reed!
If it looked like it might fall off, I added a dab of Aleene's Tacky Glue (in the goldish bottle) to the end of the reed, before pushing the leaf onto it.
It was super simple.
I finished them off with an arrangement of Halloween/Fall type ribbons that I cut into different lengths and tied around the base. You can see them better in this photo:

For my leafy arrangement, I took some red mesh netting that had held some Baby Bell Cheese minis (produce/dairy dept. of my grocery store)
and added some clear marbles for weight to a simple glass vase.

Easy.  Quick.  Super cheap.
Just makes a gal happy, you know?

c.1916, courtesy of Indiana Music Library

courtesy Dover Books

I'm thinking I better close for now.
I keep getting weird messages from blogspot saying
'an error has occurred while saving'.
Doesn't sound very good....
so let's save it all now, and have more tomorrow!


Twyna, Twitch Sister original Collage Art Doll
made from all recycled junk mail by inkspired

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