Monday, September 10, 2012

Comments, Seashells and coloring books


"Peace" in the Swahili language, spoken in South Africa

Nelspruit, South Africa

Welcome to my blog today!

I have a blog all set on 'SEASHELLS',
but first I need to address a nasty comment submitted.
I suppose this happens to everyone, eventually, who writes blogs.
However, it is my first time, and I feel so wronged!!!

First, the person didn't leave any way for me to return a comment.

no photo cred, found at

Second, the accusation was completely untrue!
Hurt feelings here!

The comment went something like -
'you are an in-your-face photo thief who never gives photo creds'
The funny thing is, by leaving only a first name, I'm guessing
the author was a photographer from a photo that I DID credit!!

So, let me reiterate (wonderful word of the day) -
If you find a photo, or puzzle, or anything on one of my blogs,
and you know who is the creator/photographer,
let me know so I can add the proper credit! I have said again,
and again,
and again!
no photo cred, found at

Now, on to more fun things!!!

Like Seashells!!!

I've been workiong on a line of notecards to sell in my mainly paper shop -

Here are just a couple of samples of the base images:

hand colored seashells, from Dover's Seashell coloring book
by inkspired

When I am in pain, and watching tv to get my mind off of it,
mostly movies that is...
I don't feel very creative.
But, I can't just sit there, so I color.
I have loved coloring since I was a small child.
We always had coloring books, and good crayons.

soy based Prang crayons, found at:

My mom liked to color also, so we would sit, sometimes just the 2 of us, sometimes the 3 of us (with my sister). She had a special box of crayons just for her, that were all sharp and new looking in the Crayola box with the fold up top and the crayon sharpener built in in the back.
Good times!
So, I continue to love to color. It is very relaxing.
I love the Dover Books series of coloring books.
I have many.

Dover coloring book by Jessica Mazurkiewicz

After finishing off some seashell pictures, using my new Fine Point permanent Sharpie marker set my Michael gave me, I really liked the finished result.

When turning the pages, I noticed that the back side of each page had such pretty designs from the permanent markers bleeding through!
Here are just 4 examples. I'm not sure if I am going to add sparkle or glitter or whatever, yet.  I will be putting sets up for sale at:

Here are a few coloring pages for you to have fun with -
I like this one because it tells me what the different shell names are,
from Dover.

A coloring page courtesy of Jan Brett.
She has wonderful coloring pages you can download for free!

A wonderful large stamp from Peddler's Pack.
I LOVE their large stamps like this one!

Ruth Heller has a series of Designs for Coloring books printed by Dover
I especially like them, as the design is printed on one side,
and on the back side it is blank.
That means if there is bleed-through, it won't damage a second coloring page!
I really like that.
I have finished coloring in 'NatureScapes' by Patricia J. Wynne,
a Dover coloring book. I love the designs, but they are printed back to back, so I can only choose every other design to color, due to bleed-through.
Oh well.  Here's one I have finished:

NatureScapes by Patricia J. Wynne, Dover Books
colored by me!!

If you haven't smelled the familiar smell of crayons
or played with colored markers in a while,
why not color a coloring page today?
It truly is very relaxing,
 and then you'll have something you can hang up on your fridge!!
That is, for all you non-children households.
If you have kids, the space is all taken up with report cards,
art drawings, photographs, hand made magnets, etc.

Here are some seashells to inspire:

no photo cred - do you know?

Cloth of Gold Cone seashell,

knobby starfish,

Have a grand day!


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  1. I love seashells.When i go to the beach i try to bring home a few. I havent been in a while to the beach. But i am planning a trip to go. I really enjoy the pictures of the seashells in this blog.That it reminds me to fine a coloring book i like and color something. How much fun i had as a child doing this. I like to sit with my grankids and show them how to color. and watch them do it. Thank you for this speical blog. your friend Glenda