Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peace doves around the world


'Peace' in the Farsi language,
spoken in Iraq and Iran

A mural of Iraqi Christians that have been slain,
with an Iraqi soldier outside the
Our Lady of Salvation Church in Baghdad
courtesy of

Today I want to say Peace in different languages,
with peace doves accompanying them.
In no particular order, other than they are all countries that I have readers in, Let's start!


'Peace' in Icelandic, spoken in Iceland
and welcome to one of my newer countries to read my blog!

2 doves, by Claudia Hopf

Claudia Hopf has numerous cut paper patterns.
You can purchase books and patterns at:


'Peace' in the Welsh language, spoken in Wales

a simple beading pattern for you


'Peace' in the Aranes language, spoken in Spain

Spanish children in traditional costumes

a BackStreet Design pattern out of print


'Peace' in the Khmer language, spoken in Thailand

Buddhist monks working in a flooded temple in Ayutthaya province Thailand

Why did I choose this picture?
Because not only is it of Thailand, it shows people cooperating.

a BackStreet Design, out of print book


'Peace' in the Finnish language,
spoken in Finland and Sweden

a safety pin pin pattern
You can find many more patterns throughout my blogs

'Peace begins with me' by Lee Shapiro


'Peace' in the Papiamentu language, spoken in the Netherlands Antilles
and welcome as one of my newer readers!!

a BackStreetDesign pattern, out of print

In order to do this cutting, you lightly fold a piece of paper in half,
then cut out the outer design of the heart.
Next, cut out the flower design at the bottom.
To finish, you open the cutting to lay flat, and cut out the dove!
You can add the pin-point detailing with a large hat pin, or a corsage pin,
or of course the whole kit and kaboodle is for sale many places too!


'Peace' spoken in the Tumbala language, spoken in Mexico

Dove of Peace

Look carefully at the peace dove above.
It is  made entirely out of weapons, except for one 'peace' sign.
A very clever and original interpretation.

For me, it reminds me that we cannot obtain peace
while still manufacturing weapons.
The USA needs to become responsible in this area.
It can start with us.

I'd like to end today with this lovely illustration:

Practice a moment of peace each day, for the rest of the week.
Really, you can do it!


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