Monday, August 6, 2012

Hiroshima, Japan, Brazil and a few paperdolls


'Peace' in Japanese

Japanese woman praying for the victims of the 1945 Hiroshima Atomic Bombing
 photo cred: Kyodo

Today is the 67th anniversary of the Hiroshima Atomic Bombing
of August 6, 1945.

file photo of mushroom cloud above Hiroshima one hour after bombing

About 70,000 people immediately died.
Thousands died later from the effects of the bombing.

The Atomic Bomb landed approximately 100 meters from this place,
Sangyo-Shorei-Kan Trade Center, Hiroshima

The bombed out building you see in the photo above is now
the Atomic Bomb Memorial Park.

Motoyasu River, Hiroshima, Japan

You can also see it in the photo above, as it is today.

The Japanese Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda,
in front of the cenotaph, Atomic Bomb Memorial Park,
Hiroshima, Japan
photo cred: Itsuo Inouye

Today is the 67th Anniversary, as I mentioned.
There are special remembrance observations all over the world.
In Japan, people light paper lanterns
and float them on the Motoyasu River to honor the victims,
and to pray for peace.

Sao Paulo, Brazil has the world's largest Japanese settlement,
after the country of Japan.

Ibirapuera Park, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Floating lanterns are waiting to be released,
August 6, 2012.
photo cred: Nacho Doce

Today's anniversary is a reminder of why I try to start each of my blogs
with the word "Peace".

We may speak different languages,
we may look different on the outside,
we may have different customs and traditions,
but when you boil it all down,
we are all brothers and sisters,
created in the image of God.

Let's try it today, right where you are.

a safety pin beaded pattern

Thank you to my Japanese readers,
as we celebrate our cultures at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Thank you to my readers in Brazil too!

a festival celebration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Here is an American Girl Paperdoll, with Japanese heritage:

Here are a couple of vintage Japanese paper dolls from magazine ads:

circa 1914

circa 1910

Etsu paperdoll, circa 1936

Up next - a samurai to color and cut:

Thanks to OrigamiBears for sharing many of the above paperdolls.

Last, I'd like to share a paper doll from Brazil:

Have a super-duper day!


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