Monday, August 20, 2012

Fantasy Cottages with Fairies


"Peace" in the Kashmiri language, spoken in India

Festival of the Hindu goddess - Dashama
Sabarmati River, India  7/29/12
photo credit: Amit Dave

Today is a fairy-good day!

c. 1909 'Wedding of the Fairies Waltz'
vintage song sheet cover graphics

I have more Fantastic Fairy Cottages to share,
and I always am on the look out for fairies,
so I have a few of those to share today as well!
Can anyone have too many fairies in their lives?

'I don' think so!'
- a memory of Ricky telling Lucy....

Dell Comics cover

"In a utilitarian age,
of all other times,
it is a matter of grave importance
that fairy tales
should be respected."

- Charles Dickens

a C. Rohal miniature, 1 1/4 inches high and the roof opens

vintage illustration

Here are some fairies that would like to live in your fairy-tale cottage -

a vintage fairy ballerina

a dragonfly fairy by Purple Moon

coloring page, unknown source

"If I had influence with the good fairy,
who is supposed to preside over
the christening of all children,
I should ask that her gift
to each child in the world
be a sense of wonder
so indestructible
that it would last throughout life."

- Rachel Carson

a cottage in Carmel, California, USA

a house built between two large rocks!

Perhaps this little troll would like to live in that house -

a Scandinavian Knirke

Or perhaps she would like this one better?

The Simon Dale House in Wales

"Happiness lies not
in the mere possession of money;
it lies in the joy of achievement,
in the thrill of creative effort."

- Franklin D. Roosevelt, former USA president

Here are some scherenschnitte houses and cottages for you to cut out:

from a Back Street Designs out of print book

another Back Street out of print design

Perhaps we need a country cottage?

Gingerbread Cottage

These little German paperdolls would love to live in either one!

German paperdolls

I found this fantastic paper artist on etsy -

She will take a  photo of your house
and translate it into a 3 dimensional version paper house!

Wouldn't these lovely ladies want to live in one of those?

Pride and Prejudice paper dolls Dover books

One last fairy cottage for the day:

Giethoorn, Netherlands cottage

Why not try making a paper doll house today,
that looks like your house?



'Water, Palm and Butterfly'
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired
made from all recycled junk mail

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