Monday, July 16, 2012

Up syndrome and dreams


'Peace' in the Fanagolo language, spoken in South Africa

Hermanus Whale Festival, South Africa
celebrating the return of Southern Right Whales

Today I want to briefly touch on disabilities,
featuring Down's Syndrome.
Although anyone involved in mental disabilities call it

'the UP Syndrome'

Because Down's Syndrome people tend to be incredibly happy,
uplifting and cheerful people! They just naturally spread joy.
I have had the privilege of working with special needs kids,
from 3 yrs.old to adult.
Down Syndrome kids have always been a favorite!

Chinese toddler with special needs
My purpose today is not to go into all kinds of facts and charts and such.
Just a kind of an intro!
YouTube has some wonderful videos:

Here, Bruce Carroll does a wonderful rendition of the song
'Sometimes Miracles Hide'

I like the following YouTube video because of the song words,
the singing ability of Bruce Carroll,
and wonderful photos:

The words really touch my heart, as I have an 'exceptional' child myself.
Among other things, he has a form of high functioning autism called
'Asperger's Syndrome'

'...You may have to wait a lifetime
to see the reason with your eyes,
God has wrapped up our blessing
in disguise...because
sometimes Miracles Hide...'
- partial lyrics from 'Sometimes Miracles Hide'

a Friendship Park created by Israel

This park is set up with playground equipment that is compatible with
several different kinds of physical disabilities.

We all have dreams,
 no matter what we may look like on the outside.

As I am sure you've noticed from my past blogs,
I like YouTube videos!
I can easily spend several hours just browsing different subjects,
finding new artists I like,
and seeing some great videos!

I found Eugene.
He is featured on Britain's Got Talent, 2009.
Eugene is a librarian.
Eugene is very homely, to put it a polite way,
but Eugene has a great sense of humor.
Does he have 'talent'?
See what you think -

'Eugene's Ode to Britain's Got Talent:

Next is a 'more famous' talent that was discovered on Britain's Got Talent,
and a singer many of us are familiar with:

Susan Boyle, audition for 2009 Britain's Got Talent

Pretty frumpy looking, isn't she?
and is that humor?
...but she had a dream -

Now, here she is with some outer 'beauty' added.
Same song
same woman
same voice
but now she's been "spiffed-up"

over 300 MILLION views on YouTube!!!

Here's another favorite of mine - 'Perfect Day'"

I think the message I am trying to get across today is that
no matter what we may look like
on the outside
we are all beautiful
on the inside.
Look past what you might see as 'undesirable'
God has made each of us a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Paul Potts, from South Wales, has a hard time being confident in himself:

Jamie Pugh has terrible, terrible stage fright:

Taylor Matthews is just an 18 year old kid,
who admits to be
'shakin' like a dog', he is so scared:

Here is one of my all-time favorites
'God Doesn't Make Mistakes'
On December 2, 2011, it was declared
"International Day of People with Disabilities"
The World Report on Disability  brought estimates of
who have disabilities globally.

Moshi, Tanzania
A maandamano (protest) organized by the
Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation

A beautiful Down Symdrome Awareness video,
I Have A Voice
with stunning photos by Thomas Balsamo:

Let's start this week out
looking for some 'hidden treasures' that are around us.
We just might have to change some of our attitudes....
and perhaps make a dream come true.

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  1. Oh wow you touch y heart. I have a very close friend that her son has up syndrome. his name is joey very sweet . I enjoy haveing coffee with her and he will walk in and light up the room. i love his smile. this is a very speical blog. thank you for shareing