Monday, July 9, 2012

Time for another HULA DAY!!


A Hawaiian 'hello'

vintage fruit label,

It's time to hula again!!!
My last hula blog was last June, so it is definitely time to get out those grass skirts you have been dying to wear all summer, and yeah,
if you have any of those coconut bikini tops...
although they always looked extremely uncomfortable to me!!

vintage hula dancer

Let's make a lei:

- string or beading thread
- lots of flowers (silk) that you have taken apart
- some colorful beads, like 'pony' beads

So simple:
Thread a large darning needle with the string,
 or smaller needle if you are using thread.
If using thread I would double it for extra strength.

Now string on:
*1 green part - could be a set of leaves, or a green calyx
or part of a stem that is hollow
1 large flower petals set
1 bead
1 medium flower petals set
1 bead

you can now repeat from *, or you can make your flower 'fluffier' with:
string on 1 small silk flower
1 bead
then repeat from *
I like to add smaller silk flowers randomly throughout.

Tie off your string, or use your favorite 'tie-off' method for your beading thread.

One flower lei.

vintage French Polynesian stamp

c. 1916 vintage song sheet cover
courtesy of Indiana Music Libraries, see website addy to the right

"We are not practitioners of hula,
because we do not 'practice' hula.
We live it.
A select number of us (kuma)
are privileged to live the hula;
so now we must actively protect it."

- Alicia Smith

hula dancer at sunset

Let' enjoy a hula dancing paper doll or two:

from 'Candy Gals', courtesy of OrigamiBears

Now you know, those hippos always have to get in the act:

courtesy OrigamiBears, web site address to the right

A little known fact to some:

Minnie Mouse loves to hula!!
Mickey Mouse also gets into the dance now and then...

11/19/2008 courtesy of

More Disney ladies that hula:

Quiz time:
Do you know what movie she is from?
What is her name?


"I always say, 'Make your dance live.'
It's senseless to dance motions and feet.
You need to gain mastery over the dance,
so you are able to bring these things
back to life -
which builds your personal mana,
which builds the mana of the group."

- Wm. Kahakuleilehua "Sonny" Ching

paper doll scene from OrigamiBears

c.1916 vintage song sheet cover

royalty free stock photo

Here's a nice Hawaii maze with lots of fun history things on the side -
(I believe this is from Dover, but I'm not sure.)

notice the volcanoes!!!!
vintage photo,

Some nice tropical fruit, Disney-style,
Wild Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Florida
'Rainforest Cafe' sign:

We had a Rainforest Cafe here in the Denver metro area.
Our son was young, and it was a fun adventure, with good food as a bonus!
So, even though money was very tight, we decided to sign up for their
'bonus' card with discounts, free meals, etc.
It cost us some $$.
The next month Rainforest Cafe pulled out of Denver.

a vintage embroidery pattern courtesy of turkeyfeathers, a blog I follow and listed to the right

vintage hula dancer photo,

 More hula dancing paper dolls from Hawaii you say?

 courtesy OrigamiBears - isn't she wonderful to share?!




"We dance for laughter,
we dance for tears,
we dance for madness,
we dance for fears,
we dance for hopes,
we dance for screams,
we are the dancers,
we create the dreams."

- Angela Monet


photo cred: David Olsen,

You know that flower lei we made at the beginning of this blog?
It is so easy to turn the pattern into flower lei bracelets!
Substitute elastic thread for the string,
and cut up some green colored plastic straws.
Use the straw pieces as in-between-ers, in addition to the pony beads,
silk flower parts and any small green silk leaves.
Choose your smaller silk flowers for the bracelets, that will look better.
Why not string some lei, then wrap around a basic head band for a
flower lei headband?
You can glue in place, or tie in place.

a hula costume made by

Alas, it is time to say


 a wonderful rubber stamp that I don't have a credit for.
Perhaps Rubber Stamp Ave.?
if you know, let me know so I can credit.

c. 1912,
written by Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii

until next time -


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