Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mermaids floating in on a Friday


'Peace' in the Maori language, Australia

a Maori Chief, from New Zealand

also found:


'Peace' in the Maori language,
also spoken in Australia

Well, it is Saturday now.
Yesterday's blog, (which is now today's blog)
I couldn't complete becasue Yahoo was soooooooooooooooo slow.
Unfortunately it looks like it is today also.

Okay, I was supposed to have a great picture of Lucille Ball
doing her famous "Whaaaaa" crying face.
Could not find one.
Welll, I found one that was a grainy pic taken from a TV screen.
Who knew it would be impossible to find?

So, today the blog is being rather slow, but in spurts!
So, I will continue as long as I can.

Adam Dorman

'A Mermaid's Yarn' original Collage Art Doll

I am sorry, I have a bunch of this type of mermaid clip art,
but I have no idea where I found it, or who I can give credit to.
Sorry. If you know, please drop me a line. Leaving a comment at the end of this blog is the easiest way for me. Thanks!

Fabric Mermaid Goddess

Mermaid Tattoo, artist unknown

Are we having a fun Mermaid Day yet??!!

Actually, the yahoo site is getting slower
and slower
and slower
so I may have to cut this short.
I know, grrrr.....
but then I repeat myself....

So, mostly just pictures and clip art and coloring pages for today!
But hey, that's kinda' terrific.

1962 advert

from a Dover book
They are great about sharing stuff from their books.
If you haven't signed up for their weekly
downloads, you should really try it.

'Mermaid with pearl' original collage paper painting

lovely painting, unknown artist

Marisol's Beneath the Waves

This is a wonderful scherensnitte  picture
it is from an out of publication Bact Street design book.

Dover books

'Mermaid Seductress' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

vintage French ad

bottlecap magnet using all recycled junk mail by inkspired

vintage cartoon book

'Lost Realms', unknown artist

courtesy OrigamiBears

This little mermaid is only 1 1/2 and fits into a matchbox

unknown artist

"Mermaids Preening" original Collage Paper Painting
using all recycled junk mail

That's about as much of this I can stand
I am so disappointed. I really enjoy putting together blogs,
finding the right pictures,
exploring history and sharing poetry.
When it is so slow like this, it takes the joy out of me.
I do hope Yahoo fixes this problem soon.

Let's keep optimistic!



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  1. i like the mermaids. I didnt know it was so hard to fine a picture of Lucille Ball. I sent you an e-mail. also. I been reading the blogs and enjoyed them . you do such good work.