Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Fun


'Peace' in Maltese, spoken in Malta

It's been summer days here, with even highs up to 101'!!!
This is the foothills of the Rocky Mountains we're talking here,
and we don't usually get that hot.
Fortunately, it was only for a day.
The hot weather, and the gusty winds have not been good for our burning fires.
(See yesterday's blog about firefighters)

vintage 1955 issue of Wee Wisdom Magazine

All the hot has put me in mind of SUMMER!
So let's get out some Summer favorites.
Things to do outside,
things to do inside!

vintage illustration

First of all, we must have paper dolls!
Hot weather is perfect for sitting in the shade of a tree,
or inside with air conditioning
and cutting out paper dolls.
Don't forget to make some new clothes for them too!

Perhaps these will help you cool off....
vintage 1925 McCall's paper doll

"Little Sandy" courtesy of origamibears

and of course, we must not forget the very talented Liana....
 Flower of the Month June Birthday Dress


'Holiday Affairs'

'Blue Halter Dress'
'Blue gown with silver sash'

Don't forget she has a fantastic blog site with TONS more costumes!

You can also do my blog's search box for 'Liana's' or 'Liana'
and find many that I have posted in past blogs.

If you haven't yet,
eat some corn on the cob!
It's a very summery thing to do!
We have enjoyed corn on the cob several times so far this month.
Don't forget the real butter and salt and pepper.
My niece Nelicia likes it roasted with red chili powder.

vintage seed packet, I believe clip from Dover Books

Summer is a great time for road trips!
I would highly suggest you have air conditioning...

vintage 1933 DeSoto car ad with Walt Disney

Why not head to someplace you've never been before?
Remember, the trip is half the fun...
so no grouchy bored kids
or tired and hot parents.
Stop by the side, take a breather.
For the kids take along all the coloring pages
and puzzles and mazes
and other fun stuff that I have shared in my past blogs.

Pack a little bag with colored pencils, small sharpener, or markers if your kids are old enough to not 'decorate' the inside of the car.
Don't forget the scissors, and a paper bag to hold scraps.
Include small party favor type toys, doling them out one at a time.
A compass or a magnifier or a prism can be really fun!

vintage Coca-Cola ad

Life doesn't have to be full of expensive and fancy things.
What about a harmonica with a little lesson book on how to play?
I am a firm believer in family sing-alongs.
A car, with the windows rolled down and going down a highway
is the perfect time to try out some old camp tunes!

c.1901, courtesy of the Indiana Library of Music

Reading in the car is how my sister and I survived all those long road trips
my Dad so loved and I think my Mom did too.
First of all, however, we would stop at
every Historical Site by the roadside.
Every one I think!

It was always a good time to stretch our legs.
Dad would check camper fluids or gas or tires...
Dad would get out the binoculars too.
We always read the placques that told us why it was a Historical Site.
You can learn an awful lot about America that way.
and it's FREE!!

vintage crate label, courtesy Dover

"You can cover a great deal of country
 in books."

- Andrew Lang (1844 - 1912)

vintage illustration courtesy the vintage workshop

Road trips are also great for small in-you-lap type activities.

Not going anywhere?
There are great summer boredom busters!
Here are some fun, summery beaded safety pin patterns.
Type in the search box of my blog for the
'safety pin tutorial'

Mr. Crabby
Patrick, the starfish

Gary, SpongeBob's pet snail

SpongeBob SquarePants

Sandy the Squirrel


Those characters just have to make you smile!
Never heard of SpongeBob SquarePants?
Check out the kids' channels.
They really are fun, and I'm over 50!!!

Well, that time has come again where I must close for the day.
I have more Summer Boredom Busters to share on another day....

Movie of the day to watch:

'Tangled' by Disney



'Florida Sunshine' original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

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