Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Date Paper Dolls


'Peace' in Breton, spoken in France

courtesy of OrigamiBears

I am short on time today, but have found these super
paper doll set, courtesy of OrigamiBears.
If you are into history, or free paper dolls,
or really cheap original paper dolls,
is the place to check out!

1948 published by Saalfield

With regards to what you can do with these free paper dolls:
Many are still under copyright, and NOT public domain.

That means you can print them to your heart's content,
but you CANNOT:
Sell them, in any way
re-package them for sale
change the colors and re-sell
...get the idea?

'Lourdes Flower Fairy'
altered paper doll by inkspired

You can certainly print a set and give as a gift.
You can take the base paper dolls,
and make your own clothes from lots of fun paper sources.
You can sell these hand-designed clothes,
but not the base paper dolls, as is.

You CAN print them,
and cut them all up and re-make recycled paper doll collages.
For instance,
you could use the legs and then add your own creativity.
You could probably use the heads,
 but no bodies in the same creation.

'Time for Flowers'
altered paper doll by inkspired

Best rule of thumb:
Use these wonderful paper dolls to play with,
design your own clothes,
play sets and backgrounds.

Use the basic doll shapes to help you make your own.
I use paper doll bases to get the hang of where arms fit on a torso,
or where earrings fit on a face...that sort of thing.
These you can package and sell if you choose,
as it is all your own drawing, etc.

'I Dare You to Eat Candy'
altered paper doll by inkspired

Hope this has been helpful.
Give me a comment at the end of this blog,
you can drop me a note at

have fun!

'Happy Stripes'
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired



  1. As usual enjoying your blog. I have it in my blog reader, but had to comment today. I really do think your collage are just getting better and better.

  2. Ah, Shelly, I love you girl!