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Summer Blues? Let's get HOT!!!


'Peace' in Maori
a native people in New Zealand

'New Zealand Springs'
original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

I'm thinking those sheep get awful HOT in their wool coats!
I know, that's what shearing is all about.

Today we shall have


There is so much to see and do out there,
so today I will offer a few suggestions to 'spark' you!
yeah, the humor may get a little bad.....

Did you know that HULA HOOPS are all the rage now?
It is all the rage,
even 'electric' ones that glow in the dark!

battery operated hula hoops

fancy hula hoops

Actually, kids have been playing with hoops since the wheel was invented,
I think!

vintage illustration, children playing hoops

Hula hoops are a great activity for the basement -
some where where there is lots of space!
Now, playing hoops is definitely an outside activity!
Shall we do something fun indoors now?

vintage illustration, unknown source

Baking is always a fun indoors activity, to me.
I love to bake.
Summer is a great time to teach you kids how to do some simple recipes.
Let them help you shop for the ingredients,
or gather them from the cupboard.
Let the kids get out the measuring cups, bowls and spoons.
When kids get to help, it gives them a powerful boost to the ego!
Now matter how small, or nerdy or jock,
when you can help accomplish something
with visible results
you feel good about yourself.

'Grocery Shopping in Malibu'
original Collage Art Doll

Still too HOT to go outside without risking sun stroke?

You know me -

photo credit: Terje S. Skjerdal,

The more you read to your kids,
the more interested they will be in reading.
The more your kids read,
the better they will do in school.
Also, the more your kids read
you give them vital tools to fight -
stuck in low paying jobs
no goals
religous intolerancy
and yes, even crime!

"Books to the ceiling,
Books to the sky,
My pile of books is a mile high.
How I love them!
How I need them!
I'll have a long beard
by the time I read them."

by Arnold Lobel, master of 'pigerisms'

Executive Baby

Now is that an adorable picture or what?!

It's time to beat the heat with a pencil!
That's right, a pencil!
Let's learn how to draw some simple things,
and then put them all together in a picture!

All these wonderful tips on ' How-to Draw' are courtesy Dover Books.

That should get you started!

Next -
it's time everyone learned how to make sun tea!

orange iced tea found at

First, you need a large glass jar with a lid.

We use a gallon jar that came
with the most delicous cherry juice we have ever had!
(Lyons, Colorado)
You can certainly find large gallon glass jars
at your closest retail stores, such as
Target, WalMart, KMart, etc.
Maybe even at the Dollar Store?!

Next, pick some really good tea in bags.
One I have served at many parties with great success is
Celestial Seasonings 'Blueberry Breeze'.
There's also Celestial Seasonings 'Green Tea - Blueberry Breeze'
and Zingers such as 'Lemon Zinger'.
A nice CS Mandarin Orange Spice would be good also.

Now place 6 - 10 tea bags in your glass jar.
Pour water in to the top.
Place lid on.
Put outside in the sun for the day,
a few hours,
whatever time frame you have.
As the sun moves, make sure your tea jar is in the sun.

Now is the time to make your fruit ice cubes
(see below)

While those are freezing, a nice nap in a hammock is so summer....

vintage illustration

To make this a cool summer activity,
be sure your hammock is in the shade!

Back to your sun tea:
Bring it inside after a few hours.
Your tea will be brewed by the sun!
Now that's saving energy....
Pick out the tea bags. Place the sun tea in the refrigerator
or cool to room temperature
and have a glass with ice!

While the tea is cooling, why not get those pencils out
and make another fun, summer drawing?
These will have to go on the refrigerator....

"Sunshine Fairy" Original Collage Doll by inkspired

Let's do some ice cube COOL Fun!
Even your little little ones can help with this!

Pour off 2 - 4 Cups of your Sun Tea.
Cooler is better (room temp is fine).

Match up some complimentary flavors for your tea:
Blueberry Breeze? Gather some fresh blueberries.
Mandarin Orange Spice? Open a can of mandarin oranges.
Lemon Zinger? Thinly slice some fresh lemons.
Sprigs of mint are great.
Some more ideas:
fresh fruit such as raspberries,  sliced strawberries,
peach chunklets, pineapple tidbits...
get the idea....

Now this is where the kids can help again -
place a tidbit of fruit in each opening (cup) in an ice cube tray.
Don't have any ice cube trays?
You can use dixie cups, only you want to tear the top couple of inches off.
Place the dixie cups in a pan with sides - like a cake pan.

Next, you have a choice.
If you are going to use your fruit ice cubes for drinks other than your sun tea, you want to fill each 'cup' with plain water.
When using dixie cups, keep in mind what size cube it will be when frozen.

If you are going to use your fruit ice cubes for your sun tea,
then carefully pour your set-aside sun tea into each 'cup'.
Be sure and involve your kids if you have any.
Or borrow some neighborhood kids to help!
A measuring cup with a pour spout is ideal.

Place filled ice cube trays in freezer.
When ready, pop them out (or tear off the dixie cup)
place in your drink of choice,
and sip!

Don't forget a taste-test to see if you need to add some more plain water to your sun tea to get it just right.
For those of you 'sweetened ice tea' drinkers,
try cutting your sugar by 1/2 or 1/3, and let the fruit sweeten your drink.

By using sun tea-filled ice cubes, your tea will remain strong
with no watering down by using plain ice cubes.
An added bonus:
If you are entertaining, or just feel special,
the fruit-filled cubes look COOL in a clear glass with clear-ish juice
like white apple juice, or selzer water,
or just plain water
or in a nice big punch bowl.


I have so much more to share,
but I really cannot write a book -
(I will not write a book,
I will not write a book,
I will not write a book - Michael).

Time to close with a nice swimming pool vintage illustration!
courtesy origamibears

Yep, even those little swimming pools can be fun -
especially if you have dogs!

Have a super COOL day -


"Sashay with dog"
Original Collage Art Doll by inkspired

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