Friday, June 15, 2012

Lost in Languages


'Peace' in Swedish

traditional Swedish National Costumes
source unknown

traditional Danish costumes

2 Norwegian paper dolls - Helga and Kjersti
courtesy OrigamiBears

Yes, it's true.
I have been playing on websites that list how to say 'Peace' in many
different languages.
It's been really fun, but now my 'writing my blog' time is almost gone!
I found many of the North American Native Indian tribes languages.
Way cool.
So I think I will be doing a little series later on North American Indians.

'American Indian Playing an Instrument'
I don't have any credits listed for this photo,
but I suspect it is one of Curtis' photos.

I also gathered a nice bit for a blog about the HUMONGOUS fire that is burning just north of where we live.
Our house is not in danger, as the fire is moving north.
Just yesterday it added over 2,000 acres to add to its' fuel.
That makes 52,000 acres, or nearly 80 square miles
with only 15% containment.
But more on that later.

AND we have an upcoming

Barnyard Critter Day

in Boulder County, Longmont, Colorado 
You know I loooove animals, and this is a great opportunity to have a fun blog
with cows, llamas, horses, pigs, chickens....
oooooh, fun times ahead.


I have had too much fun on the computer,
the internet
and specifically Google!
How time flies when you're having fun.

So, I will see you very soon

"How soon?"

"Very soon!"

(That's a favorite line from the movie 'Romancing the Stone')

So for today I wish you all peace:


'Peace in the Romansh language, spoken in Switzerland (among other places)

Obwalden Engelbert, Switzerland


enh taivan

'Peace' in Mongolian



'Peace' spoken by the Warlpiri in Australia

Aboriginal Art by the Walpiri peoples of Australia

Thaaat's All Folks!

'Good bye' spoken by Porky Pig in famous cartoons!


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